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Inform, engage, and activate the public, policymakers and educational leaders to promote and support music as an integral and core component of a comprehensive and balanced education accessible to all students.

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Enumerating the Importance of African American Music Beyond the Moment
A Call for Advocacy, Reflection, and Action–June 2020



In August 2019, NAfME endorsed a second bicameral resolution to celebrate the musical contributions of African Americans to United States culture and history. The resolution highlights the importance of increasing African American students’ broad participation in music education, as well as recognizing June as African American Music Appreciation Month.

While first decreed in the Carter administration as Black Music Month, it was not until 2000 that the first congressional resolution to officially commemorate African American music formally established African American Music Appreciation Month.

As NCMEA celebrates our fiftieth anniversary we want to celebrate and recognize the significant milestones and struggles of the African American music experience within North Carolina. There is no question that the power of African American music has defined the American experience and we also know from our own beginnings that strong leadership from within African American music associations paved the way for NCMEA to form.

Read the full document here:
Enumerating the Importance of African American Music Beyond the Moment.

NCMEA Music Educators Advocacy Toolkit – (Updated 12/3/19)

Everything ESSA

After years of stalled negotiations and Congressional stalemates, Congress has put No Child Left Behind away for good and passed by an overwhelming majority a new version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. ESSA’s passage is an historic victory for music education advocates, because it includes for the first time a specific and separate mention of music as a part of a ‘well-rounded education.’ More information can be found at NAfME’s ESSA page.

Title IV, Part A Toolkit and FAQ

To learn more about how ESSA funding works see NAfME’s Title IV, Part A Toolkit and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Presentation from NCMEA District Meeting

This document briefly explains the current situation regarding ESSA, SSAE (Title IV, Part A), the funding distribution for LEA’s & next steps for NCMEA members.