NCMEA Strategic Direction

Inform, engage, and activate the public, policymakers and educational leaders to promote and support music as an integral and core component of a comprehensive and balanced education accessible to all students.

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Teaching Music: From Classrooms to Homes is a platform for NCMEA members to share brief narratives about the innovative ways you are teaching music online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These stories can be about everything from creative ways you are using online technology to how music is helping support the social and emotional needs of your students. Student testimonials about missing live music making experiences in school are also important to share.



We will share these stories via social media and also use them in our advocacy work at the North Carolina General Assembly this spring. You can view some of the submissions on our Teaching Music Stories page.

2020 Legislative Session

Lobbyist Reports

NCMEA Response to the WestEd Report

2019 Legislative Session

Lobbyist Reports

Music In Our Schools Month 2019 Proclamations

NCMEA Music Educators Advocacy Toolkit – (Updated 12/3/19)

Everything ESSA

After years of stalled negotiations and Congressional stalemates, Congress has put No Child Left Behind away for good and passed by an overwhelming majority a new version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. ESSA’s passage is an historic victory for music education advocates, because it includes for the first time a specific and separate mention of music as a part of a ‘well-rounded education.’ More information can be found at NAfME’s ESSA page.

Title IV, Part A Toolkit and FAQ

To learn more about how ESSA funding works see NAfME’s Title IV, Part A Toolkit and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Presentation from NCMEA District Meeting

This document briefly explains the current situation regarding ESSA, SSAE (Title IV, Part A), the funding distribution for LEA’s & next steps for NCMEA members.

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