By forming this section we are joining all the knowledge and skill of the directors to reach a common goal of delivering the needed skills and concepts to perform jazz. Within the jazz section we are divided into three regions: Western, Eastern, and Central. In every region we function in a similar fashion by having All-Region Honor Bands for High School and Middle School, along with an All-Region Jazz Music Performance Adjudication.

All-State Jazz Registration

All State Jazz Band Registration.  Deadline is 11:59pm on February 15th.  No Late Registrations will be allowed

HS All State Jazz Registration Link

MS All State Jazz Registration Link

All State Scales/Chord Samples

Here are samples for the scales / chords for the proposed audition changes. “Blue Bossa” is for the middle school, and “All of Me” is for the high school auditions.  For drum auditions, we will be using a section of a drum part of a medium swing chart.  That will be posted soon.  Please look over and email [email protected] with any comments or questions.”

NCMEA Jazz Section Student Events Dates 2016-2017

Jazz square

Western Region Jazz – Sam Bogan, Chair

Western Region Auditions January 14, 2017 @ Hough High School in Charlotte

Western Region Clinic February 3 & 4, 2017 @ Asheville High School

Western Region Jazz MPA May 12 & 13, 2017 @ Northview Middle School, Hickory

Eastern Region Jazz – Bob Ebert, Chair

Eastern Region Auditions January 21, 2017 @ Hope Middle School, Greenville

Eastern Region Clinic February 17 & 18, 2017 @ UNCW

Eastern Region Jazz MPA – May 12, 2017 @ JH Rose High School, Greenville

Central Region Jazz – Kenny Butler, Chair

Central Region Audition Money and Registration Due: Wed. Dec. 7th

Slots Come out: Following Wednesday Wed. Dec. 14th

Jazz Auditions: Same as all district, Sat. Jan. 7th, Snow Date, Sat. Jan. 14th

Jazz Clinic: Friday-Sat Jan. 20-21 with snow date: Feb. Friday-Sat. 24-25, Pather Creek High School, Cary, NC

Jazz MPA: Friday April. 21st, Cedar Ridge HS 

All-State Jazz – Keith Grush

All-State Jazz Auditions March 4, 2017 @ Central Davidson Middle School (in conjunction with State Honors Band auditions)

All-State Jazz Clinic April 7 & 8, 2017 @ NCSSM, Durham,  Phillip Riggs, site host


Further Information about Ensembles, Regions, and audition information is located in the “Student Events” section.

Keith Grush, Jazz Section Chair

Josh Cvijanovic, Jazz Section Chair-Elect

David Wortman, Jazz Section Past Chair