By forming this section we are joining all the knowledge and skill of the directors to reach a common goal of delivering the needed skills and concepts to perform jazz. Within the jazz section we are divided into three regions: Western, Eastern, and Central. In every region we function in a similar fashion by having All-Region Honor Bands for High School and Middle School, along with an All-Region Jazz Music Performance Adjudication.

All-State Jazz Registration

All State Jazz Band Registration.  Deadline is 11:59pm on February 15th.  No Late Registrations will be allowed

HS All State Jazz Registration Link

MS All State Jazz Registration Link

All State Scales/Chord Samples

Here are samples for the scales / chords for the proposed audition changes. “Blue Bossa” is for the middle school, and “All of Me” is for the high school auditions.  For drum auditions, we will be using a section of a drum part of a medium swing chart.  That will be posted soon.  Please look over and email [email protected] with any comments or questions.”

New Audition Proposal

This proposal was accepted at the Spring Meeting in Durham. Materials for next year’s auditions will be posted on the website by June 16th, 2017.

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Conference Performance Application

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NCMEA Jazz Section Student Events Dates 2016-2017

Jazz square

Western Region Jazz – Sam Bogan, Chair

Western Region Auditions January 14, 2017 @ Hough High School in Charlotte

Western Region Clinic February 3 & 4, 2017 @ Asheville High School

Western Region Jazz MPA May 12 & 13, 2017 @ Northview Middle School, Hickory

Eastern Region Jazz – Bob Ebert, Chair

Eastern Region Auditions January 21, 2017 @ Hope Middle School, Greenville

Eastern Region Clinic February 17 & 18, 2017 @ UNCW

Eastern Region Jazz MPA – May 12, 2017 @ JH Rose High School, Greenville

Central Region Jazz – Kenny Butler, Chair

Central Region Audition Money and Registration Due: Wed. Dec. 7th

Slots Come out: Following Wednesday Wed. Dec. 14th

Jazz Auditions: Same as all district, Sat. Jan. 7th, Snow Date, Sat. Jan. 14th

Jazz Clinic: Friday-Sat Jan. 20-21 with snow date: Feb. Friday-Sat. 24-25, Pather Creek High School, Cary, NC

Jazz MPA: Friday April. 21st, Cedar Ridge HS 

All-State Jazz – Keith Grush

All-State Jazz Auditions March 4, 2017 @ Central Davidson Middle School (in conjunction with State Honors Band auditions)

All-State Jazz Clinic April 7 & 8, 2017 @ NCSSM, Durham,  Phillip Riggs, site host


Further Information about Ensembles, Regions, and audition information is located in the “Student Events” section.

Keith Grush, Jazz Section Chair

Josh Cvijanovic, Jazz Section Chair-Elect

David Wortman, Jazz Section Past Chair