The following brief testimonials demonstrate the importance and necessity of membership in NCMEA for every music teacher. They address the question: “How has your membership in NCMEA encouraged your growth as a music educator?”


James Daugherty

Member for 25 Years

Music teachers made sure my life was painted on a canvas full of color. Because of them music now colors all of my life – everything I do. My mentors always encouraged my membership in NCMEA and NAfME as a way to be involved in my profession. They continuously reminded me that giving to the profession would give back to me and they could not have been more correct. Now, more than ever, it is critical that music has a voice at the education table. In the past four years alone music has been named as a part of a child’s well-rounded education in the Every Student Succeeds Act and music programs across the state are all receiving federal funds to support their needs. This is all because of the hard work and advocacy efforts of NCMEA and NAfME. I can’t imagine not making membership a committed priority every single year.

Meghan Chinn

Member Since August of 2016

NCMEA has been one of the major primary resources for me in terms of developing my leadership skills and teaching philosophy as I have traveled through my undergraduate career. After only being in college for two months, I was afforded the opportunity to serve as the Recording Secretary on the Collegiate NCMEA State Board my Freshman year. The following year, I was elected to serve as the Collegiate Vice President, and I currently serve as the Collegiate President. Getting the opportunity at such a young age to connect with educators around the state and advocate for our profession through multiple NCMEA sponsored trips to NAfME’s Hill Day Advocacy Summit taught me that NCMEA membership truly is what you make out of it. Becoming a member means that you have created a pathway for yourself filled with different ways to lead in your profession, and you will shortly find that the membership fee for NCMEA is next to nothing in comparison to all of the incredible opportunities you will be able to take advantage of. These opportunities allow for you to learn, teach, and grow alongside other outstanding Music Educators in our state, therefore aiding in you becoming the best educator you can possibly be for your students, each and every day.

Windy Fullagar

Member for 20+ Years

NCMEA has provided the ONE place for my students to extend their instruction while also providing extended learning for their teacher. My membership opened up opportunities for me to serve and advocate for music outside of my school walls.

Jazzmone Sutton

Member for 9 Years

During my first years of teaching, I quickly became aware of the lack of specific music education professional development and training that my school and school system provided. My mentor was an AIG teacher with no music education background. Seeking to improve my teaching, I became active within NCMEA. The network of support, training and opportunities that NCMEA has provided is invaluable.

Corrie Franklin

Member for 11 Years

Since joining NCMEA in college under the guidance of our collegiate chapter, I have been surrounded with resources and professional educators who have a shared passion and love for teaching music in our state. NCMEA has exposed me to new ideas and professional connections. Being a member has also provided opportunities such as regional and state events that are priceless for my students. Thanks to NCMEA I feel fully supported in my career as a music educator in North Carolina.

Johnathan Hamiel

Member for 13 Years

When I had a student to make the All National Honors Ensemble, NCMEA assisted him and his family with registration. This was an immense help because it had to be paid at a time that was right before the holidays where most family’s budgets are tight. With this help we were able to give this young band student the experience of a life time.

Josh Cvijanovic

Member for 11 Years

Membership in NCMEA has allowed me to interact with colleagues and professionals in the field that have had profound and lasting ramifications in my classroom. Learning teaching strategies, hearing new music, cultivating professional relationships; I have been able to do all of these things and more thanks to my involvement with NCMEA.

Jose Rivera

Member for 7 Years

My NCMEA membership has enhanced my growth through networking, providing new ideas and perspectives to about music education. Every music teacher benefits from the numerous opportunities for growth NCMEA continuously provides through Conference, journals, professional development opportunities, advocacy initiatives and informing North Carolina teachers about current issues and challenges in our music profession.

Janet Berry

Member for 39 Years

In my experience as a long time member of NCMEA and NAfME, if you believe in Music Education for every student, being a member of our state and national organizations speaks to the way you live your beliefs each and every day.

Ruth Petersen

Member for 23 Years

My membership in NCMEA has encouraged my growth as a music educator by providing resources, leadership opportunities, mentors, professional development and advocacy on my behalf at a state and national level. Every NC music educator needs to join to continue creating a diverse and forward-thinking organization in the 21st century. Your membership opens up opportunities and support for you and your students!

Angela Mangum

Member for 25 Years

Membership in NCMEA is my #1 resource for access to the highest quality staff development for Music Education. As a music educator in a rural county, I have been able to attend hundreds of hours of sessions given by music leaders from across the nation. This impact flowed directly to thousands of music students over the years and allowed me to assist in empowering music educators in my school district. Priceless!