Popular Music Education Committee

Popular Music Committee Proposal
North Carolina Music Educators Association
January 4, 2023
Updated: June 1st, 2023

Mission Statement

The popular music committee is committed to recognizing, embracing, and advocating for popular music at the state music education level in ways that contribute meaningful, relevant, and innovative opportunities for all students and teachers who desire to learn, perform, or teach popular music in their classrooms.

Purpose Statement

As a committee, we recognize and acknowledge popular musicians and performance mediums that include popular music. We seek to provide professional development opportunities for popular music educators at the state level and create inclusive and diverse music learning spaces, where wider conceptions and understandings of music making in the music education community can exist that align with NCMEA’s goals for equity and inclusion at the state level. We stand for expanding notions of pedagogy, providing place/space for music educators to learn from innovative popular music educators in community, and support meaningful popular music learning spaces within their school/workplace. We believe that all students should have access to a well-rounded music education, which includes popular music education. We recognize that systemic injustices continue across our society, including in music teaching and learning. Our committee seeks to counteract systemic injustices and promote a culture of belonging for students and teachers interested in learning and performing popular music.


  1. To offer a place and space for popular music educators to learn about emerging pedagogies;
  2. To advocate and provide place for popular music to exist within the state music education conference;
  3. To advocate and provide support for emerging popular music educators, or music educators interested in teaching popular music;
  4. Advocate for equitable access to high quality, comprehensive musical experiences for all students in North Carolina;
  5. To be more inclusive of musics beyond the Western-European Art canon;
  6. To advocate for marginalized musicians and music educators, who are often outliers in the profession of band, orchestra, and choir;
  7. To offer affordable or free online resources for current or emerging popular music
  8. To offer scholarships and funding opportunities so that popular music educators and their students are able to attend NCMEA PD and performance opportunities;
  9. To offer a community for popular music educators to come together, share with one another, and learn from each other.


The activities of this group include:

  • Proposing and presenting special sessions or round tables at NCMEA’s annual state conference.
  • Holding a special meeting for all popular music educators at NCMEA’s annual state conference.
  • Maintaining a website and a community page for networking and promotion of ideas related to popular music in PK-12 and higher.
  • Supporting the development, implementation and maintaining a popular music honors band at NCMEA’s state conference.
  • Proposing and presenting special sessions (Webinars) for popular music educators around the state.
  • Outreach to music educators who are not a part of NCMEA who are popular music educators and need community, professional development and support for teaching in their school(s).

Chair: Jonathan Kladder, Ph.D.
[email protected]