Mentoring Program

The Primary Goal of the NCMEA Mentoring Program is to identify and assist North Carolina music teachers in their first year of teaching.

The mentor team, when possible, will consist of the new teacher, a young teacher (2-4 year) and a veteran teacher. The young teacher and veteran teacher will serve as facilitators, mentors and resources for the new teacher. They will not be asked to evaluate the progress of the new teacher. The new teacher will move into the role of the young teacher and ultimately, the role of the veteran teacher.

Participant Commitments:

  • Participate in the mentoring sessions during conference.
  • Weekly check ins (can be via text, virtual, phone, or in person)
  • At Least TWO Observations. These can be conducted in person, via virtual meeting or via informal settings where teaching videos can be reviewed together. These are NON-evaluative and purely supportive
  • NCMEA will host webinars/coffee chat for new teachers to share ideas, collaborate and network.
  • One Program Evaluation Survey: This survey provides information regarding the procedures and practices implemented in the program.

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Useful Documents

NCMEA Mentor Committee

Chair: Dr. Carol Earnhardt, [email protected]