Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM)

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Ready to kick off another joyful Music In Our Schools Month?  Well, NCMEA is here to provide you with classroom resources to assist you with your school, community and collaboration concerts!  We are excited to announce that NC has our own Concert for Music In Our Schools Month songs this year!  We are also grateful to have QuaverMusic join our NC MIOSM team this year! 

How will you celebrate MIOSM this year in your community?  Start out by teaching some of all on the NC Music in Our School Month Concert songs to your students.  This year we are providing multiple arrangements of various levels to help you best meet your music goals with your students.  The 2017 NC Music In Our Schools Month pieces are: “The Star-Spangled Banner,” “The Old North State,” “I Love the Mountains,” and “Oh, When the Saints.”  You may download and use these files in your classrooms as teaching aids and sing along with them during your March concerts.  Additional resources and information will be added to our site over the next couple of weeks, so check back often!   We would love for NCMEA members to send in videos or video clips of your students singing these songs to share with the rest of our state.  Although HD multi-angle videos look the best, more than anything we want to see and hear your kids sing! 

Let us connect North Carolina through SONG! Please consider making a video and sharing it with us.  Ensure you have permission to video ALL OF YOUR PERFORMERS.  Download the Consent Form to send home with students.

The other side of celebrating Music In Our Schools Month is stepping into the role of music advocate. Take the time this month to contact your local school board members, community leaders, elected officials and state representatives.  Tell them how having access to high quality music education benefits the children in your community.  Let them know if your students were selected to perform in one of the state or national Honor Ensembles, or the US Army All- American Marching Band.  Tell them about any music awards or honors your students achieved.  They really LOVE to hear about the good things that are happening in the schools.  Want to talk at a school board meeting but not sure what to say?  Check out for facts and stories that illustrate how music education meets academic and 21st Century Skills.  Are you willing to share your story?  Click here to share your story with NCMEA on how music education has had an impact on your life.

2017 NC Music In Our Schools Concert Songs

Quaver Music is happy to provide rehearsal tools for MIOSM 2017! Permission is granted for music educators to use the PDFs, audio tracks, and video tools provided here in preparation for MIOSM Celebrations this year. For more information on use of these resources beyond March 2017, please contact [email protected]

Learn more about Quaver and get a free preview of the full K-8 General Music Curriculum at



Angela Mangum, NC Chair MIOSM


We are a group of fourth grade students at  Morganton Day School.  We would like to share a public service announcement we made.  It is the action part of an exhibition titled Music Matters that we will be presenting to our school and community.  We feel music is important in our schools and in our lives. Thank you for supporting music!

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NCMEA would like to thank QuaverMusic and all of the composers and arrangers who made this celebration possible! Star-Spangled Banner 3-part Treble Arranged by Marilyn Crabb Epp and Janeal Crabb Krehbiel for the Lawrence Children’s Choir Used with Permission Old North State 3- part Mixed Arranged by Brandon Roeder Used with Permission A Parting Blessing Composed by J. Jerome Williams