NCMEA Strategic Framework



Inform, engage, and activate the public, policymakers and educational leaders to promote and support music as an integral and core component of a comprehensive and balanced education accessible to all students.

Disseminate information to all stakeholders to advocate for the value of music education in the lives of all people.

Build relationships, partnerships, strategic alliances, and sponsorships, with other North Carolina arts organizations to advance music education and the arts across the state.

Influence the legislative, policy, and regulatory environment to support music education and music educators in North Carolina through engagement with stakeholder organizations.

Engage the use of social media to bolster public awareness of music education.

Build relationships, partnerships, and strategic alliances with well-known North Carolina musicians to advocate for music and music education.

Promote and celebrate school music programs and educators in their successes. 

Leading the Profession

Provide music educators and education leaders engaging professional development opportunities and research to support best practices and serve the needs of students.

Provide a Professional Development Conference focused on music teaching, resources, research, and performance.

Lead professional and personal development by providing dynamic and effective resources, materials publication, and learning opportunities.

Build the capacity of future music education leaders in our profession.

Provide forums for discussion of critical issues affecting music programs.

Strengthen relationships with state and national music, arts, and other education organizations.

Create and support partnerships between public school teachers and higher education programs to improve practice and expand knowledge.

Foster activity in recruiting and retaining music teachers, maintaining the vitality of the profession.

Partner with North Carolina’s higher education institutions to promote and disseminate sound data to advance music teaching and learning and influence educational policy.

Share research and knowledge with all audiences.

Capacity Building

Ensure sound leadership and fiscal practices in decision-making to advance the association for the future.

Build and maintain the technological capacity to support all stakeholders.

Increase membership in the active, collegiate, higher education, and retired categories.

Develop section and state leadership.

Model our mission, vision, and values in all programs and projects.

Build the capacity of current and future members in the music education profession.


Adopted by the NCMEA Board of Directors
August 7, 2021