What You Need to Know: Music Education

This e-book What You Need to Know: Music Education, was featured as part of the “It Starts with M.E.” campaign launched during the Country Music Awards by the CMA Foundation. Download the e-book now and get started with your advocacy for music education by using the Arts Education Navigator tool.


Anyone who has ever been involved in music education as a parent, teacher, or student knows first-hand that music is a powerful force for growth and development for young people in the home, school or community. We know that music has demonstrated positive effects that go well beyond the classroom and transcend into college, career, and life.

We also know that it is up to all of us as advocates and citizens to do everything we can to support the benefits of music education for all students and young people in every school and community, particularly for those youth and communities that are often marginalized in our society today.

Lastly, we know that supporting music education takes work—but it is work that can be carried out effectively by many types of supporters through following a few simple steps to become an effective advocate for equitable access to music education for America’s learners.
An issue brief hosted in the Arts Education Navigator for advocates to gain foundational knowledge, concrete examples, and sample policy asks to become an effective advocate for music education.

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