Advocacy Position

The mission of the North Carolina Music Educators Association is to advance music education by promoting the understanding and making of music by all.

We know that music has a demonstrable positive impact on learning enabling better education, making schools better, and keeping students engaged. Music benefits North Carolina and our nation beyond school by making better employees, better citizens and teaches cooperation, discipline, creativity, and innovation–just what we need for today’s 21st century learners.

NCMEA Objective: Every child will receive a comprehensive, sequential music education delivered by exemplary music educators.

  • Music education should be offered in all K-12 public schools in North Carolina.
  • NCMEA believes in fair Teacher compensation and continuation of Career Status for Teachers
  • NCMEA will support the continued research and evaluation of the National Core Arts Standards.
  • NCMEA may align with other statewide music, arts and education related organizations in their advocacy efforts.
  • Provide NCMEA members with information via the NCMEA website on advocacy issues.
  • Encourage NCMEA members to invite local and state elected officials to NCMEA sponsored student events.

Encourage NCMEA members to Share Your Story for use in visits to State Legislators and US Congress.