Ukrainian National Anthem – With English Translations

Ukrainian flag links to file containing scores for the Ukrainian National Anthem

These arrangements of the National Anthem of Ukraine (SATB, SSAA, TTBB) by Stash Rossi were passed along to Carol Earnhardt, who wanted to share them with NCMEA members.

Stash Rossi is a retired choral director in NJ who is still very involved in Barbershop music there. All arrangements include the English translation. 

Click the flag image above to access the arrangements and a recording of a performance by a Ukrainian choir. Also you can use the links below.

History and Notes:

On 6 March 2003, the Ukrainian Parliament passed a law on the State Anthem of Ukraine, stating music by Mykhailo Verbytsky (1815-1870) and the first verse and refrain of the poem “Šče ne vmerla Ukrajina” by Pavlo Chubynsky (1839-1884 ) constitute the Official National Anthem of Ukraine.

The law was passed with an overwhelming majority of 334 votes out of 450, with only 46 Members of Parliament opposing. Only the members of the Socialist Party of Ukraine and Communist Party of Ukraine refrained from voting. The passing of this law finalized Article 20 of the Constitution of Ukraine. The popularity of the Ukrainian anthem has become particularly high in the wake of the Orange Revolution of 2004, Euromaidan of 2013, and now, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022.

In support of the people of Ukraine in their struggle against oppression, aggression, and invasion of their beloved country, its National Anthem is being sung and played by both amateur and professional choirs, bands, orchestras, and groups like the Metropolitan Opera Company, The New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and many other groups all over the world, including sports teams, Olympic stars, popular and classical music artists, and numerous celebrities from all walks of life.

This SATB arrangement is also available in SSAA and TTBB formats, so that mixed choruses, barbershop choruses, and quartets, male and female, can show their support for the Ukrainian people by including it in their performances and videos.

The arrangements’ harmonies and structures adhere closely to the official state version so that it can be performed with its official band or orchestral accompaniment where desired.

Music has always been a powerful source of hope, inspiration, and comfort in times of desperation. For Ukrainians, now is their time of desperation. In the face of adversity, their strength, courage, unity, and resolve deserve the recognition and admiration of the entire world. The least it can do is send them hope and support.

When they hear their national song being sung by others, it strengthens their resolve and tells them the world stands with the people of Ukraine in their fight for freedom against oppression.

Anastasio Rossi
March 8, 2022