Singer/Songwriter and Music Producer Showcase

NCMEA Singer/Songwriter and Music Producer Showcase
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The North Carolina Music Education Association’s Singer/Songwriter and Music Producer Showcase is designed to encourage individual musical creativity, the development of music writing skills, and collaboration with professionals from the music industry to enhance musicianship and creativity.

Students are encouraged to submit their original songs for the experience of sharing and learning ways to develop their songs with professional singer/songwriters and music producers from the music industry at the annual NCMEA’s state conference.

General Guidelines:

  1. All North Carolina students in grades K-12 are eligible to participate. Students must, however, be nominated by an NCMEA member teacher.
  2. Students can enter one of three divisions: elementary (k-5), middle school (6-8), or high school (9-12).
  3. Students should plan to submit their work individually (as a singer/songwriter or music producer in a DAW environment)
  4. Each student can only be involved in one submission.
  5. The submission deadline is 5:00 pm EST on October 1, 2024.

Submission guidelines:

  • Submissions should be original songs written by the student and are fixed media (songs that are completely pre-recorded).
  • Songs should be no longer than 4 minutes in length.
  • A wide range of styles or genres of music are encouraged. Students are encouraged to submit any musical style or combination of musical styles.
  • Students will have no more than eight minutes of setup time and four minutes of take-down time for personal equipment.

Submission Process:

NCMEA member teachers may nominate as many students as they wish. Each nomination must include the following:

  1. A video recording of a live performance or audio recording of their song.
  2. A brief description of the student’s musical experiences.
  3. The online application will ask for: teacher name(s) and email(s), school name(s), principal name(s), email contacts, song title, listing of instrumentation and equipment used, student name, email, school name, year in school, and uploaded video/audio files of the song.

The submission deadline is 5:00pm EST October 1, 2024. Only applications completed by this time will be considered. Students whose works are selected for presentation at the annual NCMEA Professional Development Conference will be notified by October 30th.

Singer/Songwriter and Music Producer Showcase Application