New Teachers

My name is Andrew Revels, and I am the New Teachers Chair for the Middle School Choral Section. I want to welcome those of you who have been teaching for less than 3 years as well as those of you that may be new to our state and/or the middle school choral section. We have a lot of exciting events that go on throughout the year and I am here to assist you in any way that I can, as well as pair you with a mentor to guide you through these beginning years. Once you register as a new teacher with our Mentoring Program, I will be pairing you with an experienced choral music educator who is hopefully geographically near to you. That mentor would be someone you meet with regularly to reflect on your teaching, bounce ideas off of, and to ask any questions related to teaching or choral related things that go on throughout the school year. Having a mentor throughout your first year(s) as a Choral Director will be a great asset for you as you navigate the beginning of your career.

Please make sure that you join the North Carolina Music Educators Association (NCMEA). Joining NCMEA will provide you with countless resources as you begin teaching, including the Mentoring Program, as well as student events throughout the year (i.e. All-State, NC Honors Chorus, Large Ensemble MPA, etc…) Being a part of NCMEA also allows you to network with others in your profession. You can visit the website to access vital information throughout the school year and to register for your membership.

To register as a new teacher in the Mentoring Program, please register here. You may also sign up by going to the NCMEA website, clicking “programs”, then “Mentoring Program”. If you would like to sign-up to be a mentor, please register here.

Please let me know how I can help you stay informed and organized throughout your beginning years as a choral director.  

Andrew Revels
[email protected]

(919) 390-8910