Honors Chorus

After careful consideration by the Elementary Board, President, Current and Past Executive Directors, and Chairs of the Honors Ensembles a decision has been made regarding NC Elementary Honors Chorus for 2021.

Considering that there is no vaccination available for elementary students at this time and that the Delta variant seems to have a greater impact on children than previous variants of Covid, we have decided that we will NOT hold an in-person event in November. We ARE continuing with the audition and judging process and we WILL offer accepted students the opportunity to participate in a virtual choir recording of our commissioned piece “How Sweet the Sound” by Nathan Howe. One great quote from a board member that I believe strongly impacted this decision: “Do we want our students to have one great experience and expose them to something that could harm them for life?”

We also had a lengthy discussion about offering a virtual choir opportunity to students based on selection by their teachers in the Spring. We believe this is important in order to try to reach students and schools who may have opted not to audition based on the belief that the November event would be face-to-face.

If you auditioned students for the NC Elementary Honors Chorus for November of 2021 we will be releasing the selection results on Saturday, October 2nd as planned. At this time we will provide teachers of accepted students information about the process for participating in the virtual choir opportunity if you choose to do so.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding,

Greetings From The 2021 NCEHC Chair

Christy WhiteHello, my elementary music friends! My name is Christy White and I will be serving as the NCEHC chair for 2021. I taught general music at Banks Elementary in Lenoir County for 24 years and am currently Title IV Enrichment Facilitator for Wayne County Public Schools. I hold a BM in Music Education and Music Therapy, an MM in Music Education and an MSA in School Administration from East Carolina University. I am a National Board Certified Teacher in early and middle childhood music.

If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].



Mary Ann FoltzOur NCEHC co-chair for 2021 is Mary Ann Foltz. She is in her 33rd year of teaching, the last 22 years of which have been in the Charlotte area of North Carolina. Mrs. Foltz presently teaches TK-4 General Music and is Director of Elementary, Middle and High School Choirs at SouthLake Christian Academy. Mrs. Foltz originally studied with Dr. Robert Holquist and Dr. Joyce Farwell at Western Carolina University and earned a BA in Vocal Performance and a BEd in Music at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio (’88).