Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life Membership is conferred by the NCMEA Board of Directors and determined at the April Board Meeting.

NCMEA Past Presidents are awarded an Honorary Life Membership to NCMEA.

Sections may nominate a member for Honorary Life Membership from those who hold 25 Year Membership.


  1. Automatic Life Memberships shall be granted to all retiring Presidents of NCMEA.
  2. Recommendations shall be made to the Section Chair prior to the Spring Board meeting. Nominees will be selected from those teaching twenty-five years or more, active or retired, and will be persons who have served at the local, district, and state levels. Each nomination will include appropriate supporting materials from the recommended individual.
  3. Recommendations for life members shall be made by the Section Chair to the Board at the Spring Board Meeting.
  4. A committee appointed by the President will review all nominations, then present a recommendation to be approved by the NCMEA Board at the Summer Board meeting.
  5. The Executive Director will notify the new Honorary Life Members and invite them to attend that year’s conference as a guest of the Association. Registration for the new Honorary Life Member will be waived for the year in which the award is presented.
  6. Each Honorary Life Member shall not be required to pay the state portion of their national (NAfME) dues and shall receive an honorary subscription to The North Carolina Music Educator Journal.