Honor Administrator

NCMEA Honor Administrators should be exceptionally skillful in their respective unit and should be uniquely aware of the cultural arts (particularly music) as an indispensable part of the school curriculum as indicated by their personal attitude and philosophy; results in terms of understanding programs; the number of teachers in music and other cultural arts; the number of children involved in music and other cultural arts; opportunities for teacher growth; financial support for the arts; evidence of community and school board support; and understanding of the music programs special needs in terms of space, program and equipment.

The Honor Administrator nomination shall consist of: 

  • Statement of nomination to include reasons and evidence for this honor as indicated in the criteria.
  • Biographical sketch describing the administrator’s experience, education, number of years in the present position, educational institution(s) attended, degrees earned, professional organizations, civic clubs, honors, etc.
  • Comprehensive statistical data of music activities (number of teachers and students involved)
  • Deadline for nominations is June 15.

The Selection Committee consists of the Awards Chair and three NCMEA members, appointed by the NCMEA President.

Final decisions will be announced by the NCMEA Executive Director to the recipient and the nominating member, following the Summer NCMEA Board Meeting. All applicants will be informed of the outcome.

The recipient will be invited by the Awards Chair to be a guest at the NCMEA Professional Development Conference in November for the formal presentation of the award. The Awards Chair will make this presentation.

The Awards Chair shall encourage the nominating member to publicize the Honor Administrator Award in local newspapers and other media. The nominating member should provide copies of articles to the NCMEA Awards Chair.