Middle School Music Grant Volume Increased

The non-profit Peter R. Marsh Foundation has increased its annual Middle School Music Grant volume to 250 for the 2022/23 school year. The Grant has a value of $1,000.00 and is available to public middle school music teachers, nationwide.

“Last year our quota of 150 Grants was depleted in less than 90 days.” said Peter Marsh, Foundation Board Chairman. “For the coming school year, we’ve increased the quota to 250 to serve a larger number of teachers. This expansion will inspire some 30,000 students to be improved musicians and better citizens of their communities.”

The Grant empowers music teachers to determine how the funds will be spent to enhance their music education curriculum and integrate student performances with local senior audiences.

Jacob Shoener, Director of Bands at North Schuylkill Jr/Sr High School in Ashland, PA, was a 2021/22 Grant recipient. “This Grant gave us the financial means to provide much-needed supplies for our students which increased their commitment to music,” he said. “This program also nurtures empathy and compassion. It’s a terrific way to spread a positive culture and sense of community among our youth and motivate my students to be better musicians.”

Public middle school teachers, nationwide, can view the Grant Guidelines, the Music Grant Request Form and the Music Grant Reviews on the Foundation’s website: Peter R. Marsh Foundation.