NCMEA Declaration of Intent

Equity in Music Education
(Updated 2023)

The North Carolina Music Educators Association is committed to ensuring that all children and music educators in North Carolina are seen, heard, respected, and valued in the musical activities and materials they experience. NCMEA also recognizes that systemic injustices continue across our society, including in music teaching and learning settings across North Carolina. To counteract systemic injustices, establish unity of vision, and promote a culture of belonging within our sphere of influence, the NCMEA Board of Directors declares their intent to:

  • Stand against discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin and ancestry, religious background, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation and identity, age, disability, exceptionalities, socio-economic status, academic standing, or musical ability.
  • Recognize the inherent value and worth of musical traditions from all places, people, and times, and thus reaffirm their validity and relevance for musical study in North Carolina.
  • Provide North Carolina music educators with resources that support culturally responsive and sustaining practices.
  • Advocate for equitable access to high quality, comprehensive musical experiences for all children in North Carolina.

Equity Within NCMEA

The North Carolina Music Educators Association is committed to creating a culture of belonging by assuring that all music educators are seen, heard, respected, and valued in the decision-making processes of our organization. NCMEA recognizes the need to actively promote and maintain this sense of belonging among music educators through deliberate action. Thus, the NCMEA Board of Directors declares their intent to:

  • Ensure that members of the Board of Directors represent a range of diverse identities and cultural traditions.
  • Seek out and amplify marginalized voices in our organization and professional community.
  • Encourage and influence–both individually and jointly–present and future officers and members to subscribe to these ideals.

Historical Context

The original Declaration of Intent was written at the time of the merger of the Black and White state music education organizations (The North Carolina State Music Teachers Association or NCSMTA and The North Carolina Music Educators Conference or NCMEC) in 1971. The NCMEA Board has since broadened the scope of diversity from Black and White representation to all historically marginalized identities in our society. The table below is meant to guide NCMEA’s intention to have a diverse, inclusive, and representative Board of Directors at all times by illustrating the minimum frequency and timing that each office should be held by a member identifying with a historically marginalized group.


Executive Officers 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 2031 2032 2033 2034
President     *       *  
President-Elect   *       *    
Recording Secretary *       *      
Member-at-Large     *       *  
Member-at-Large *   *     *   *    
District Presidents                        
1 *       *      
2  *      *    
3   *       *    
4     *       *  
5     *       *  
6      *      *
7  *      *    
8      *      *
Section Chairs                        
Band     *       *  
High School Choral     *       *  
Elementary      *      *
Middle School Choral     *       *  
Orchestra  *      *    
Higher Education  *      *    
Jazz Education      *      *
Collegiate *       *      



* – At least one member identifying with a Historically Marginalized Group should be elected/appointed to this office by this year.

Revised 2023