Similar But Different

Similar But Different: Students and Parents
Miss Being Part of A Performing Ensemble

Submitted by: Shawn Wellman
School: IC Imagine School
County: Buncombe

While online musical assignments and Zoom lessons are still educational, my band students and families miss the sense of community, teamwork and social development associated with being a member of the band. Some responses from a recent survey are listed below.


“I have missed playing and making music at school because I miss the emotion that goes into playing music and the teamwork and community it takes to make music together.”

“For me, band was a fun and valuable part of my daily schedule. Of course I still am able to practice individually, but the magic of group playing just isn’t there. School band is one of the things that I am most excited about returning to once the lock down is over.”


“My child was very stressed socially at school until he found music through the band program. I can truly say that the band has given him an identity in a crowd of students and a connection that he was missing before. Music is a wonderful release for him in the middle of his school day and what he looks forward to returning to the most.”

“Our school’s music program provides our 14 year old son a positive peer group with many opportunities for social and emotional growth in addition to excellent music instruction. For our son with ADHD, learning to play an instrument is also literally therapeutic, involving multiple areas of the brain in cross brain activity and mental/physical coordination…”


Picture of Trombone Lesson via Zoom