Music Education – Important In Schools

Music Education is Important In the Schools

Submitted by: Kacey Matheson
School: L.J. Bell Elementary School
County: Richmond

Music Education is so important in the education of NC students because it enables them to use different parts of their brains during the school day. Music reinforces ELA through reading words, working with poetry (song lyrics), and learning syllables (syllables of words = rhythm of melody). It also supports Math by reinforcing counting, patterns, number sense (how many beats in a measure), and fractions (note values and their relationship to others). Students learn science through the production of sound.

It is so easy to embed SEL into Music. Music gives people the SEL vocabulary and medium to express themselves. Listening to music boosts moods. Playing music relieves stress, writing songs allows the expression of emotions. Participating in ensembles encourages synergy and respect for others’ abilities. These are important skills for NC students to learn.

During virtual learning, I continue my weekly lessons, posting them to Class Dojo for the students to see. The lessons include a learning target, vocabulary, videos, and an activity. I record my lessons, post them on YouTube, and use Google Slides to present my virtual lessons.

A choir student said, “I am in the 3rd grade and I work very hard to be the best I can be. Music is a way to express my joy and happiness. I wish I were with my friends and my teachers. I wish I could sing with my friends and sing in front of people again. I hope I can soon.” -AD

Richmond County Arts Alive Participants from L.J. Bell Elementary School