Bridging the Gap, Keeping the Connection

Bridging the Gap and Keeping the Connection

Submitted by: Marianne Breneman
School: Private Studio of Marianne Breneman
County: Wake

I’m a clarinetist with a private studio in Raleigh where I enjoy a good relationship with many Wake County Band Directors. The lack of music has made this time seem much bleaker and more uncertain. Whether for kids in school or in private lessons, adults in community bands and choirs, or arts patrons, we are a community that relies heavily on music to celebrate, mourn, learn and share with each other. The lack of understanding about how and when we might be able to enjoy these musical outlets again safely has added to our collective distress, not to mention the financial impact on professional musicians and arts organizations, some of whom simply won’t be able to recover. I’ve been fortunate that my students were willing to continue lessons using ZOOM. While not an ideal platform, it has worked well for us once we learned the nuances but it is not a permanent solution. My students miss their band class and directors but they still see progress:

“It has been really good to be able to take clarinet lessons and keep practicing my instrument during online school. It’s been a great way to keep my mind working and I have really enjoyed it!” – Shayna E.

“I’ve improved my music skills – my 16th notes are better. I am still trying to work on counting in my head which I usually don’t do in school.” – Nadia H.

I recently started “socially distanced lessons” in my garage and it’s great!

Marianne Breneman’s Private Studio – Photo by Marianne Breneman