Jazzmone Sutton


Jazzmone Sutton

School & School System Where You Work

Swift Creek Elementary, Wake County

Number of Years Teaching


Teaching Area(s)

Elementary Music

Years You’ve Been A Member of NCMEA

10 + (I was a member is college, but not all 4 years.)

Your Position On the Board

Immediate Past President

Why Do You Enjoy Being A Board Member?

I love being able to meet educators throughout NC. As an NC native, I’m proud of the strong music education culture that we have. I’m honored to know and work with such dedicated professionals to make music education even strong in our state.

Tell Us An Interesting Or Fun Fact About Yourself

Many people ask me if my name comes from Jazz music. Yes, it does. “Thanks, mom!” 🙂 My family is very musical and creative. When I was born, my mom loved Jazz music and she used it in the creation of my name. I’ve been connected to music ever since. 😀