Angela Mangum


Angela Mangum

School & School System Where You Work

Granville County

Number of Years Teaching

22 years in public schools. Since 1994 (I still teach privately)

Teaching Area(s)

General Music, Choir, Strings, Piano

Years You’ve Been A Member of NCMEA

Since 1994 (I think there was a 1 year break)

Your Position On the Board

Music In Our Schools Month

Why Do You Enjoy Being A Board Member?

I love working with the team to provide support, advocacy, staff development, materials and musical opportunities for the Music Educators and students across the state and beyond!

Tell Us An Interesting Or Fun Fact About Yourself

After being raised in a big family (7 kiddos!) in Indiana, I served overseas in the United States Army in West Germany. This is where I met and married my husband, Greg. We were both Drum Majors of our HS Marching Bands- destiny! (He was Ron Payne’s student at Independence HS.)