Solo-Small Ensemble MPA

Solo-Small Ensemble MPA Registration Form

  1. 1. Eligibility
    • The choral director of each student participating in Sr. High Choral Section activities must be a current member in good standing of the North Carolina Music Educators Association.
    • The choral member must be enrolled in a scheduled choral class that receives one unit credit in the current school year.
  2. Regulations
    • Schools are not limited as to the number of contestants entering.
    • A student entered in the Solo – Ensemble Music Performance Adjudication will be limited to one prepared selection in the solo contest and to participation in two ensembles of unlike nature.
    • Schools will be expected to register and participate in their own regions except where travel will be shorter to another region or when conflicts in dates might be avoided. Where groups have reason to participate outside their own region, the regional chairperson to whom they are applying will rule on their acceptance, dependent on time and space available. Groups will not be permitted to enter more than one Regional Choral Music Performance Adjudication per year.
    • Registration blanks and fees from each school participating must be completed and mailed to the district chairperson on or before February 1. (Choral directors will not receive any information from the district chairperson prior to February 1.) District chairpersons will set deadlines (and enforce penalty) for submission of all required Music Performance Adjudication forms, titles of selections, etc. See district list by counties.
    • There will be no repetition of repertory by a single director from a single school with any ensemble or chorus within a two (2) year period; therefore, directors may not choose the same music for Solo-Ensemble and/or Regional Choral Music Performance Adjudication within a two-year period.
    • Notification of withdrawal must be made to the district chairperson postmarked no later than three weeks prior to the Music Performance Adjudication date; otherwise entry fees will not be refunded.
    • Student or ensemble may participate either for rating and/or criticism. Each entrant or group entering for rating will be assigned an honor rating of Superior, Excellent, Average, Below Average, or Poor, to accompany the adjudicator’s comments.
    • Deadline for application is February 1.
    • Qualified adjudicators will be appointed to judge in a particular region. If any choral director is dissatisfied with the rating or comments given he/she should not confront the adjudicator but take this matter up at a business meeting of the choral section.
    • The district chairperson will be required to complete all reports and forward correct copies to the choral activities coordinator and the NCMEA Executive Director within forty-five (45) days after the event. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the District Chairperson’s honorarium. The chairperson will be paid at the same daily rate as adjuciators.
  3. Fees
    • Soloist: $15.00
    • Ensembles of 2 – 4: $20.00
    • Ensembles of 5 – 24: $50.00
  4. Timing
    • Soloist and ensembles; six minutes. If a selection runs longer, cuts must be made and marked by director.
  5. Performance: Soloist
    • Confined to soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass, and boys unchanged voices.
    • Choice of material, at the discretion of director.
    • Each soloist is expected to sing from memory. Two selections may be performed if together they do not exceed the time limit. A good performance of one number is preferred.
    • A copy of music must be presented to the judge before performing. All cuts must be clearly indicated and measures numbered.
    • Music duplicated mechanically or by hand is a violation of the copyright laws and will not be accepted. Judges will be instructed not to adjudicate groups using illegally duplicated music. Music from legal public choral domain websites may be adjudicated as long as the music includes proper citations.
  6. Performance:
    • Ensembles May be of three types: male, female, and mixed voices.
    • May include duets, trios, quartets, etc., and any larger group to 24.
    • Duets, trios, and quartets will perform one selection from memory. Ensembles of 5-24 will perform two selections from memory. Any group participating must perform music particularly suited and/or written for the voicing of the group and of sufficient quality as to demonstrate clearly the vocal skills of the performers. Appropriate classifications include, but are not limited to madrigals, vocal chamber music, selections of the type included on the large Music Performance Adjudication list that are suitable for a small group, and barbershop selections. The use of Broadway, gospel, and pop settings is not appropriate for this activity.
    • Copies of scores must be presented to the judge with cuts clearly indicated and measures numbered.
    • Music duplicated mechanically or by hand is a violation of the copyright laws and will not be accepted. Music from legal public choral domain websites may be adjudicated as long as the music includes proper citations.
  7. HS Choral Districts are indicated on the calendar
  8. Purpose
    • To give students and select small ensembles a chance to perform individually for experience and personal evaluation.
    • To give our better singers an opportunity to work at a higher level than is possible in the large school group.
  9. Adjudicators
    • Adjudicators will be assigned to Solo Small Ensemble Music Performance Adjudication as needed to provide one adjudicator per ensemble and one adjudicator per soloist. Adjudicators must have taught in the state of North Carolina for two (2) years.
    • Solo adjudicators must be voice majors or collegiate instructors.
    • When adjudicators assign honor ratings lower than the top rating of superior, they will be asked to be specific in their comments.
    • Adjudicators will be paid $275.00 per day and per meal allowance. Adjudicators will be paid $137.50 per half day (three hours or less) and NCMEA per meal allowance.