High School Choral MPA


All checks should be made out to NCMEA HS Choral MPA. Checks should to be mailed to:

883 Washington St Ste C
Raleigh, NC 27605-3251

NCMEA High School Choral Large Choral Music Performance Adjudication

For specific rules governing Music Performance Adjudications (MPA’s), please refer to the NCMEA High School Choral Section Constitution.

Ensembles will be required to perform 2 selections for MPA evaluation if entering in Grade II – VI. At least 1 selection must be on the approved list with the 2nd selection being of comparable difficulty and contrasting style. All bold printed selections on this list are octavos that have been added this year, or have been on the list previously, but have either changed in level of difficulty or voicing. 

There are no repertoire requirements for groups entering in Grade I. Selection of music at this level is left to the discretion of the choral director. However, it is still required that the 2 selections be of contrasting style and comparable difficulty. Groups entering Grade I may still receive ratings.

The deadline for application is February 1. The fee is $125.00 per ensemble. You must submit the application (see Sites, Dates and Registration) and the participation fee on or before February 1 to your site chairperson. 

NCMEA High School Choral Solo and Small Ensemble Music Performance Adjudication

There is no official list for the Solo and Small Ensemble Festivals. Any group participating in these should perform music particularly suited to and/or written for the voicing of the group and of sufficient quality as to clearly demonstrate the vocal skills of the performers. Appropriate classifications include but are not limited to any title from this large MPA listing which is suitable for a small group, with barbershop selections being also appropriate. The use of Broadway, gospel and pop settings is not considered appropriate for this activity.