All-State Choral Festival

Information for the 2018 High School All-State Choral Festival

  1. The festival is April 14-15, 2018 in Raleigh. That is a SATURDAY/SUNDAY combo. The date is not wrong! We had to do a Saturday/Sunday combo.
  2. There will be one concert on Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm.
  3. There will be three choirs as follows:


  4. All three choirs will perform on the same concert.
  5. Some district rehearsals have changed their venues or combined from last year: East 3B will now be at Croatan High School and the two West sites (Charlotte area) will now be combined into one at Hickory Ridge High School.
  6. You will need to verify that you have participated in an MPA in 2016 or 2017 in order to receive allotments. Simply enter the year you last participated and where you participated.
  7. Please remember that we only count students once regardless of how many classes they take with you (first or second semester). They need to be enrolled in a class for one unit of credit in order to count them.
  8. You will need to pay a $30 per choir fee to receive allotments in the choirs you choose. In the new system a form will be generated for you to send your check or for you to pay with a credit card using PayPal! We will now accept payment via PayPal for All-State allotments. These $30 fees will be credited to your account for your future allotments and everyone will receive one allotment in each choir provided their overall enrollment is 25 or more students.

*Please see the policy below for information on these fees and refunds, etc.

Additional Forms and Expectations

Policy regarding initial fees:

Teachers will register for the All-State Festival in the same manner as before but now they will include an initial $30.00 non-refundable payment per choir with their Dec. 1 registration. If a teacher is only applying for slots in the men’s and women’s choirs, they will submit a payment for $60.00 along with their registration. If a teacher is applying for slots in all three choirs, they will submit a payment for $90.00. These payments will ensure that each school receives one slot in each choir.

* Teachers will receive their allotments in late December and then will pay the balance for the extra slots and any t-shirts they would like to purchase by Feb. 1, 2018. For example, if a teacher receives 3 in the 9-12 mixed choir, 4 in the women’s choir, and 2 in the men’s choir, they will already have paid $90.00 and will owe a balance of $120.00 for the rest of their slots. If a teacher receives one slot in each choir, they have paid the initial $90.00 and owe nothing more unless they want to purchase t-shirts.

*Please remember that the All-State Coordinator decides the allotment for each school based on a formula. Schools that have less than 25 in their total choral student enrollment will be not be given allotments in each choir regardless of their initial deposit. A refund will be issued for a school not eligible to receive allotments in all three of the choirs to which they apply.

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