Young Composer Showcase

In an effort to find another means for furthering its mission to encourage and promote choral music in North Carolina, the High School Choral Section of NCMEA began the Student Composition Showcase in 2014. The objectives of the showcase are to acknowledge and to reward outstanding high school student composers by presenting the selected piece(s) at the NCMEA conference. The piece will be performed by one of the high school groups who are selected to perform at conference. Following the performance, the student composer will be formally recognized and congratulated on stage.

Submissions should be made by March 15th to the high school choral section chair. Submissions should be made in PDF format. The selection committee will be appointed by the high school choral section chair and will include NCMEA members who are composers and teachers in North Carolina. The selection committee will review each submitted work to determine if the composition is deserving of the honor, is accessible yet challenging for a high school level choir and is representative of works performed by high schools in North Carolina. The committee may choose more than one submission for the showcase.

Choirs who are selected to perform at conference will be offered the opportunity to perform the student composition selected for the showcase. If the choir chooses to perform the piece as part of their selected repertoire, the NCMEA choral section chair will make available additional performance time for the group to compensate for the time it takes to perform the piece and recognize the student composer.

– Submissions in PDF format to [email protected]

– Deadline: May 15th

– Notification of Selection by August 15