High School Choral ToY

It is with great pride in the teaching excellence of North Carolina’s Choral Music Educators that this honor is bestowed each year. This recognition began in the year 2001 with our first recipient, Barbara Geer (previous recipients of HS Choral Teacher of the Year) The award recipient is selected through a nomination process and voted on during our winter meeting held at the All-State choral event in January of each year. The Teacher of the Year is recognized prior to the performance of the High School Honor Choir at the North Carolina Music Educators Fall Conference in November.

The criteria for nominating a colleague follows:

  • Must be an active member of NCMEA, currently teaching high school choral music
  • Must have taught in North Carolina for at least 5 years
  • Must be nominated by a member of NCMEA through a letter of recommendation citing the merits of the nominee.
  • Letter of recommendation may include personal experience, nominee’s professional memberships, educational background, past teaching experience, church job (if applicable), etc…
  • Nominees will be asked to send an updated resume.

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Past High School Choral ToY Recipients

Barbara Geer – 2001
Susan Powers – 2002
Marta Force – 2003
Patti Fulk – 2004
Lee Mabe – 2005
Ken Young – 2006
Laura Sam – 2007
Gwen McLeod Hall – 2008
Marshall Butler – 2009
Diane Covington – 2010
Beverly Alt – 2011
Marc Setzer – 2012
Ron Vannoy – 2013
Mary Beth Shumate – 2014
Terri Setzer – 2015
Carol Earnhardt – 2016
Heather Copley – 2017