Policies and Procedures


Policies and Procedures

Honors Chorus Dates: November 5-6, 2016

Audition Process


Eligibility:  Only 4th and 5th graders may participate unless your school is K-6, K-8 setting. In these

cases, 6th graders may participate in elementary honors chorus. NO MORE THAN 6 STUDENTS PER SCHOOL.

Students must attend the school submitting the auditions. Home school students may participate provided their teacher is a current member of NCMEA.


Application, Fees & Audition Forms:  

  1. Complete one printed audition application form per school with teacher’s and principal’s signature to mail with your audition fee of $11.00 per student; Send school check or money order OR indicate on form that you’ve paid using PayPal.
  2. Submit the online Electronic audition information onto Festival Scores with mp3 uploads 1 per student.
  3. Mp3 file upload 1 per student using the accompaniment from the website.



Use the accompaniment provided and as written from the website to make the judging process consistent.  Do not play or sing the student part or help the student in any way.  Follow the tempo and dynamic markings as indicated in the audition piece. Stop accompaniment on the last measure sung.

Student will be disqualified if the given accompaniment is not used.



Submit ONE mp3 file per student for each student auditioning and no more than 6 auditions per school. Allow each student to say Teacher’s NAfME # and Student 1 (or Student 2 or Student 3…) BEFORE singing. No CDs or cassette tapes will be accepted.


When making the recordings:         

  1. Student will say the Teacher’s NAfME # and Student 1 or Student 2 or Student 3…DO NOT INCLUDE THE STUDENT NAME OR THE SCHOOL NAME. 
  2. Immediately start the accompaniment with the student singing.
  3. Do not edit your recordings! The recordings should average about 35 seconds per audition so the two judges can listen to them quickly.  
  4. Failure to follow these scripted procedures will result in disqualification.



Upload and submit each mp3 file audition via the Honors Chorus Webpage 2016 Student Audition Submission Form Link: 

Available August 30th


NAfME Membership Number Required:  

Applications without NAfME number and expiration date will be returned.   Please renew your membership by September 14th.  You may Contact the NCMEA office at 1-800-758-9142 for information or NAfME at 1-800-828-0229 to join.  You may also join through www.ncmea.net

Upload Submission Dates: September 1-14

Judging Window Dates: September 15-30

Notification of Selected Students: October 1 or 2


Two Ways to submit the Audition Application Form:

MAIL the completed audition form with your Principal’s Signature and audition fees ($11 per student).

SUBMIT the audition form Electronically and indicate on the form that you have paid using PayPal. If using a check, the name of the school must be on the school check or money order.  


APPLICATIONS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY SEPTEMBER 14 and all digital files must be uploaded by this date to be judged.  NO CERTIFIED MAIL WILL BE ACCEPTED!!  All late envelopes WILL NOT be opened and will be returned to sender so please adhere to your given deadline.

Elementary Honors Chorus Chair
Jeannine DuMond
Northern Elementary
3801 NC HWY 150 E
Greensboro, NC 27455



Results of the auditions will be posted on the NCMEA website, www.ncmea.net under Elementary Section Honors Chorus by October 1st.   ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL!  Scores will be posted online, each student will have been scored by each judge and averaged to have the most accurate scores.   Refer to the link for the rubric to know what your students will be judged on.  


Acceptance Information:  

If you have a child selected, please check the website to read and follow acceptance procedures.   Failure to notify the Honors Chorus Committee of the decision not to participate will result in relinquishing the privilege to audition the following year.  If any of the student’s information is found to be false i.e. such as Age and Grade then that student will forfeit their participation within Honors Chorus and the next year’s school audition.  


Registration Fee, On-Line Registration & Payment:

Upon acceptance, a registration fee of $35 per student will

be required, which includes a rehearsal recording, T-shirt, and pennant for each Honors Chorus participant.

You will have to complete an ONLINE registration form by OCTOBER 10th and send all hard copies of forms

needed WITH school checks/money orders, POSTMARKED by OCTOBER 10th

All late envelopes WILL NOT be opened and will be returned to sender.


Payment and Paperwork:

ALL FEES MUST BE PAID WITH A SCHOOL CHECK OR MONEY ORDER made payable to NCMEA ELEMENTARY HONORS CHORUS. Send hard copies of the on-line registration form along

with payment to:                                

Elementary Honors Chorus Chair

Elementary Honors Chorus Chair
Jeannine DuMond
Northern Elementary
3801 NC HWY 150 E
Greensboro, NC 27455

Hotel Accommodations:  Housing information will be posted on the webpage.  Once students are announced, parents and teachers are encouraged to book their hotels ASAP through the Honors Chorus Webpage.  


Sheet Music:  Music will be sent to you in the quantity needed from J. W. Pepper Publishing Company who will bill you for the music directly to your school address.


Rehearsal tracks: will be provided online and you will need to download them from the honors chorus webpage and make CDs for your students. Further instructions will be sent upon acceptance.


Memorization:  Music must be memorized prior to arriving for rehearsals.


On-site Registration:  All teachers must be present to register their students and remain on-site during

rehearsals.  If a teacher leaves during rehearsal, they must sign out and leave a cell phone number at the registration desk.


Rehearsal Attendance: Singers must participate in all rehearsals. In the unfortunate event that a student

becomes ill (throwing up, fainting, fever greater than 100 degrees), the student shall be removed from the

rehearsal and concert for the safety of all participants. This is for the duration of the event and will be determined at the discretion of the Elementary Honors Chorus Chair and the Executive Board.


Performance Attire: For the performance, girls will wear red dresses and dark shoes.   The dress needs to be mostly red, please refrain from dresses that take up a lot of room, it is a professionally recorded concert, each child must dress in formal concert attire.

Boys will wear black dress pants with white long-sleeved dress shirts, red neckties, and dark shoes.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Jeannine DuMond @ [email protected]

(Please type NC Elementary Honors Chorus or NCEHC in the subject line when sending an email.)