Honors Application Instructions


Honors Chorus Dates: November 11-12, 2017

Audition Process

Eligibility:  Only 4th and 5th graders may participate unless your school is K-6, K-8 setting. In these cases, 6th graders may participate in elementary honors chorus. NO MORE THAN 6 STUDENTS PER SCHOOL.

Students must attend the school submitting the auditions. Home school students may participate provided their teacher is a current member of NCMEA.

Required Form due no later than September 14

Elementary Honors Chorus Application Form

*There is a $11.00 fee for every student*


*Click Here for Rehearsal Recordings*

Application, Fees & Audition Form: 

  1. Submit online and Mail one printed email confirmation Elementary Honors Chorus Application Form per school with your audition fee of $11.00 per student. Send school check or money order to:

    Becky Horn
    NCEHC Treasurer
    720 Bent Creek Dr.
    Hope Mills, NC 28348

  2. Submit the online audition information into Festival Scores.

Mp3 file upload one per student using the accompaniment from the website.


Use the accompaniment provided and as written from the website to make the judging process consistent. Do not play or sing the student part or help the student in any way. Follow the tempo and dynamic markings as indicated in the audition piece. Students will be disqualified if the given accompaniment is not used or if the recording has been altered in any way.


Submit ONE mp3 file per student for each student auditioning and no more than six auditions per school.

 When making the recordings:

  1. Student will begin singing after their first pitch is given.
    THE STUDENT NAME, TEACHER NAME, Teacher’s NAfME # OR THE SCHOOL NAME. Students should only sing.
  2. Do not edit your recordings! 
  3. Failure to follow these scripted procedures will result in disqualification.

Upload and submit each mp3 file into Festival Scores via the Honors Chorus Webpage 2017: Student Audition Submission Form Link

NAfME Membership Number:  Printed Applications without NAfME number and expiration date will be returned.  Please renew your membership by September 14th. You may contact the NCMEA office at 1-800-758-9142 for information or NAfME at 1-800-828-0229 to join. You may also join through www.ncmea.net 

Upload Submission Dates: September 1-14

Judging Window Dates: September 15-30

Notification of Selected Students: October 2

 SUBMIT the audition form electronically and MAIL the completed School Audition Application form and your school’s check (The school’s name must be on the school check or money order.) by September 14, 2017.

APPLICATIONS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY SEPTEMBER 14 and all digital files must be uploaded by this date to be judged. NO CERTIFIED MAIL WILL BE ACCEPTED!  All late envelopes WILL NOT be opened and will be returned to sender so please adhere to your given deadline.

Make checks payable to NCEHC.

Mail checks and forms to:

Becky Horn NCEHC Treasurer
720 Bent Creek Dr.
Hope Mills, NC 28348

If you have questions, contact the Honors Chorus Chair, Jeannine DuMond at [email protected]