Student Events

Student Performance/ Clinic

Are you interested in bringing your student group to perform or work with a clinician at our NCMEA conference? Interested teachers are encouraged to apply. Application deadline closed. 

Elementary Honors Chorus

The North Carolina Elementary Honors Chorus is a group of approximately 195 students who are chosen from across North Carolina to perform at the NCMEA Conference each year. The purpose of this Honors Chorus is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their abilities to the greatest possible extent. Teachers who are members of NCMEA are permitted to send in auditions from six of their students. Adjudicators are hired to select the members of the Honors Chorus. Teachers then work with their students in preparation for the concert and students spend the day before the concert working with the clinician. Participating in the North Carolina Elementary Honors Chorus is very rewarding for teachers, students and their families. Click Here to learn more…

Eligibility requirements for NCMEA Elementary Honors Chorus is set by the Honors Chorus committee. NCMEA supports each member section’s autonomy when setting criteria for participation in student events.