Honors Chorus Information 2022

Congratulations to the students accepted into the
2022 NC Elementary Honors Chorus!

Thank you teachers for preparing your students well and for providing them
with this amazing opportunity to work with a renowned clinician.


  1. Log onto Festival Scores and check to make sure you have entered selected students’ T-Shirt information, and that you have updated your Director’s Profile to include your T-shirt size.
  2. Fill out the 2022 Selected Students Registration Google Form at the following link: 2022 Selected Students Registration Google Form
  3. Mail all required (3) Forms for Students Accepted into the 2022 NC Elementary Honors Chorus. The Deadline is October 21, 2022.
    Teachers, please adhere to the deadline and have your information and school check or money order postmarked NO LATER than October 21, 2022. Late forms and checks will be sent back unopened. Please do not ask us to make an exception for your school.

Forms to be Mailed:

  1. School Registration Form & Fees
  2. Student Emergency Form
  3. Media Release Form

PRINT and mail ALL 3 PAPER FORMS with your school check or money order by October 21, 2022. There will be no refunds after checks have been submitted.

Make checks payable to NCEHC.

Mail to:

Tonya Allison
NCEHC Treasurer
3616 Price Rd
Hamptonville NC 27020

* Students and Parents:

Eligibility requirements for student events in the elementary, middle, and high school grade levels are set by each NCMEA member section (Elementary, Band, Choral, Jazz, and Orchestra). NCMEA Board supports each section’s autonomy when setting criteria for participation in student events.