2021 Policies and Procedures

Event Deadlines and Dates

Upload Submission Dates: September 1st – 15th
Judging Window Dates: September 16th – 29th
Notification of Selected Students: October 2nd
Rehearsal Dates: November 6 – 7
Concert: Sunday, November 7 Time TBA

Eligibility to Audition

  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions for 2021 only four students may audition per school. If you teach at more than one school, you may still audition four students for each school in which you teach.
  • K-5 schools may audition 4th and 5th graders.
  • K-6 and K-8 schools may audition 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.
  • There is a $12.00 fee per student to cover the cost of adjudicators and use of the “Festival Scores” audition program.

Audition Piece

Tecum principium from “Dixit Dominus”

By Antonio Vivaldi, arr. by Henry Leck

Soprano, m. 21-33 (accomp will start at m. 17)

Directions for Recording Auditions

Submit ONE mp3 file for each student auditioning, and no more than FOUR auditions per school.
When making the recordings:

  1. Use the unaltered accompaniment track provided from the website to make the judging process consistent. Auditions will be disqualified if the given accompaniment is not used or if the recording has been altered in any way (including changes in key or tempo).
  2. Students will begin singing after the piano introduction is given. Do not include any introductions or spoken information. Students should only sing.
  3. Do not edit your recordings! This includes cutting and pasting or adding special effects (such as reverb). Tracks that show evidence of editing will be disqualified.
  4. The recordings should average about 35 seconds per audition so the two judges can listen to them quickly.
  5. Teachers may NOT play the student’s pitches when making the recording for the audition.
  6. Ensure that you (the teacher) are not making any audible noises during the recording. Background sounds that may indicate coaching will cause the audition to be disqualified.
  7. Review all of your audio clips before uploading and submitting!

CAUTION: When guidelines are not followed it becomes difficult for the judges to equitably make decisions on the students’ ability to perform.

The Honors Chorus Committee often has to make the difficult decision to disqualify an audition when tracks appear to be sound edited, have key or tempo changes, contain additional voices in the background, or have special effects such as reverb.

Please help out the judges, the committee, and your students by adhering to the recording information provided and reviewing your audio clip for any problems before you submit your recordings.

Submitting Student Information and Uploading Audition Tracks Into Festival Scores

  1. If you teach at more than one school, make a separate Festival Scores entry for each school.
  2. Go to Festival Scores http://system.festivalscores.com/directors/
  3. If you have not used Festival Scores before:
    • Set up a new account. It will send you a link to create a new password.
    • Then update your profile and include your NAfME #.
    • Add your school info.
  4. Add each student’s info: Name, T-shirt Size and indicate 2nd or 3rd Year Participant. (Please enter a t-shirt for size for every student even though they have not yet been selected. This allows the committee to get to work immediately once auditions are completed!)
  5. Under the Tab Audition Event, click Activate New Event. Audition Event is 2021 NCEHC Auditions.
  6. Enter the Event Tag: FTZ9CGV
  7. To upload each mp3 file: click on the Entries tab ⇒ click Manage Entries ⇒ select School ⇒ select Student ⇒ click Assign Student: Soprano. You will see the mp3 upload files button. It does not matter what you name the file, judges do not see file names.
  8. Information and file uploads begin September 1 and must be completed no later than Wednesday, September 15, 2021. There are no exceptions (even if your school is year-round).

Completing School Submission Forms

  1. You will need to complete this process separately for each school for which you submit auditions.
  2. NAfME Membership Number: Printed Applications without NAfME number and expiration date will be returned. Please renew your membership by September 13th. You may Contact the NCMEA office at 1-800-758-9142 for information or NAfME at 1-800-828-0229 to join. You may also join through www.ncmea.net.
  3. Submit the online School Audition Google Form
  4. Mail one printed School Audition Application Form per school with your audition fee of $12.00 per student. These must be postmarked by Wednesday, September 15, 2021. There are no exceptions.
  5. No certified mail will be accepted. Envelopes postmarked past the deadline will be returned unopened.
  6. Your school’s name must be on the check or money order. No personal checks are accepted.
  7. Send the forms AND school check or money order to:
    Tonya Allison, NCEHC Treasurer
    3616 Price Rd
    Hamptonville NC 27020
    **Note this is a change from previous years. Please do not send your forms and checks to the previous treasurer!


  1. Students are scored by a blind audition process. Each student entered into “Festival Scores” is assigned a number. Their names, schools, and teachers are not visible to adjudicators. Judges only have the assigned numbers when judging each recording.
  2. The rubric for 2021 has been updated to provide a broader range of scores. Students are still being judged on the same categories, and each category still carries the same weight.
  3. Judges will use the NCEHC Audition Rubric (updated 2021). It is based on a 10 point scale, with 10 being the highest score in each category. Auditions are judged based on the following five categories for a total of 50 possible points.
    • Tone Quality
    • Pitch Accuracy/Intonation
    • Rhythmic Accuracy
    • Diction (Vowel Purity, Consonant Clarity)
    • Musicality/interpretation
  4. Scores are not returned to you until after the event.

What Next?

  1. On October 2nd, each teacher will be notified by email announcing the selection of students for the 2021 NC Elementary Honors Chorus.
  2. The Elementary Honors Chorus Website page will be your friend: Deadlines, Procedures, Repertoire, Practice Recordings, Fees and Conference information will be on the NCMEA Honors Chorus webpage after students have been selected.
  3. The 2021 Honors Chorus music and invoice will be sent to your school. There are four selections, one of which is a commissioned piece that will be provided digitally and not billed. This reduced number of pieces is due to reduced rehearsal time because of Covid-19 limitations. The cost of the music is separate from the fee to participate. You are responsible for paying the bill for the music directly.
  4. You will receive an email that will tell you what part your student(s) will be singing.
  5. The audition piece will NOT be one of the four pieces we are performing.
  6. Practice recordings will be uploaded on the Honors Chorus web page after students have been selected.
  7. Please give your students access to these recordings but only use it as a tool to help them learn the selections. You will need to practice with your students as well.
  8. After Honors Chorus participants are selected, teachers will need to send one check per school ($35.00 for each student) to Tonya Allison. This fee includes the Honors Chorus T-shirt.
  9. Book a hotel room AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!
  10. Hotels such as Embassy Suites and Marriott on Cherry Street offer reduced rates for Honors Chorus participants. Rooms go fast. First come, first served. Each school is responsible for booking its own hotel accommodations.
  11. Begin thinking about meeting points for your parents and students. Parents will not be allowed into the rehearsal rooms at any time to facilitate social distancing, so you will need to pick a meet-up spot to pick up your students from their parents and take them back after rehearsals. If you are a new teacher and don’t know the area well feel free to reach out to us for suggestions!

Need Help?

Check the website first:
NC Elementary Honors Chorus
Check the links on the right for more pages.

Then contact:
Christy White, Chair
[email protected]