The Mini-Grant Program is intended to afford music teachers an opportunity to develop special projects to increase the existing potential for a quality music education program.

The total amount of funding requested from NCMEA may not exceed $1,000.00. No individual will be awarded more than one mini-grant within a five year period.


The Mini-Grant Award will be based on the following: 

  • Applicant must be a current member of NCMEA. Preference will be given to active teachers in North Carolina.
  • The proposal must show clearly its relation to the ongoing program and compliance with the program outlined in the North Carolina Essential Standards. The proposal should be designed to improve teacher competencies and/or opportunities for students enrolled in the music program.
  • If the project is a research proposal, it should be directed toward “action research”. The grant may not be used for Master’s or Doctoral projects.
  • Application must include a budget indicating how funds will be spent.
  • Grant funds will be available July 1 of the year of application.
  • Within six weeks of the stated completion date
    • A written report assessing the outcome of the project must be submitted to the Chair of the Mini-Grant Committee; and
    • An itemized financial report with attached invoices reflecting all expenditures of project funds should be submitted to the NCMEA Executive Director.
  • Applications must be submitted online by midnight March 1.

Grant Process

  • All completed applications will be forwarded to the Chair of the Mini-Grant Committee for action.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the President and approved by the NCMEA Board of Directors.
  • Priority will be given to projects which, in the opinion of the committee, will result in positive improvements of the overall program, both local and statewide.
  • Prior to the April NCMEA Board of Director’s meeting, the committee chair will forward the approved applicant’s name/s to the Executive Director, listing them in order of preference.
  • In preparing the budget, the Finance Committee will determine how many of the proposals can be funded for the next fiscal year and make their recommendations to the NCMEA Board for approval at the April meeting.
  • The NCMEA Executive Director shall notify all applicants of their acceptance or rejection following the April Board meeting.
  • The successful candidate(s) will submit a letter of acceptance for the funds no later than 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the project, but no earlier than July 1 of the year of application.
  • The NCMEA Executive Director will issue checks directly to the Mini-Grant recipients.
  • The recipients will be recognized at the annual NCMEA Professional Development Conference held in November.
  • A written report assessing the outcome of the project must be submitted by the recipient to the Chair of the Mini-Grant Committee within six weeks of the stated completion date.

Mini-Grant Application Form