2016 NCMEA Annual Conference Schedule

Notice: Information on this schedule is subject to change. 
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Honors Orchestra Rehearsal4-Nov7:00 PMRehearsal: OpenUNCSA, Watson Music BuildingLaura JacksonOrchestra1.0
HS Honors Chorus Screening Room5-Nov8:00 AMRehearsal: OpenEmbassy SuitesCarol EarnhardtChoral: HS1.0
HS Honors Chorus Rehearsal5-Nov8:00 AMRehearsal: OpenEmbassy SuitesZ. Randall StroopeChoral: HS1.0
Conference Registration5-Nov8:00 AMRegistrationEmbassy Suites NCMEA
MS Honors Chorus Rehearsal5-Nov9:00 AMRehearsal: OpenCentenary UMCRollo DilworthChoral: MS1.0
MS Choral Members at Large Meeting5-Nov9:00 AMMeetingCentenary UMCAaron LafreniereChoral: MS
MS Choral MPA Site Chair Meeting5-Nov9:00 AMMeetingCentenary UMCSusan TownsendChoral: MS
Elementary Honors Chorus Rehearsal 5-Nov9:00 AMRehearsal: OpenMarriottHenry LeckElementary1.0
Mentor Program Meet & Greet5-Nov9:00 AMMeetingHawthorne Inn Mentoring
Honors Orchestra Rehearsal5-Nov9:00 AMRehearsal: OpenUNCSA, Watson Music BuildingLaura JacksonOrchestra1.0
Roles, Goals, and Relationships5-Nov9:30 AMSessionHawthorne InnDarrin ThorntonMentoring1.0
NCHO Director's Meeting5-Nov9:30 AMMeetingUNCSA Sarah RussellOrchestra
MPA Adjudicator Training: What do Adjudicators Expect from a Performance?5-Nov10:00 AMClinicMarriottMichelle SullivanChoral: HS1.0
MS Choral Executive Board Meeting5-Nov10:00 AMMeetingCentenary UMCStephanie PeoChoral: MS
Bridging the Gap Between Elementary & Middle School Programs5-Nov10:00 AMSessionMarriottLuana PalimetakisChoral: MS/HS1.0
Bridging the Gap Between Elementary & Middle School Programs5-Nov10:00 AMSessionMarriottLuana PalimetakisElementary1.0
Gospel Music Pedagogies for Choral Directors I5-Nov11:00 AMSessionMarriottDr. Jason ThompsonChoral: MS/HS1.0
Special Lessons for Special Needs5-Nov11:00 AMClinicMarriottDee YoderElementary1.0
Break out into Mentor/Mentee Pairs5-Nov11:00 AMSessionHawthorne Inn Mentoring1.0
Gospel Music Pedagogies for Choral Directors I5-Nov11:00 AMSessionMarriottDr. Jason ThompsonMultiCultural1.0
Mentor Program Lunch5-Nov12:00 PMMealHawthorne InnPhillip RiggsMentoring1.0
Simple Strategies for Differentiation5-Nov1:00 PMSessionMarriottTabitha FaulknerElementary1.0
Elementary Honors Chorus Rehearsal 5-Nov1:00 PMRehearsal: OpenMarriottHenry LeckElementary1.0
Simple Strategies for Differentiation5-Nov1:00 PMSessionMarriottTabitha FaulknerGeneral Music1.0
Navigating the First 5 Years5-Nov1:00 PMSessionHawthorne InnDarrin ThorntonMentoring1.0
HS Honors Chorus Rehearsal5-Nov1:45 PMRehearsal: OpenEmbassy SuitesZ. Randall StroopeChoral: HS1.0
HS Choral Executive Board Meeting5-Nov2:00 PMMeetingEmbassy SuitesEdward YasickChoral: HS
MS Honors Chorus Rehearsal5-Nov2:00 PMRehearsal: OpenCentenary UMCRollo DilworthChoral: MS1.0
Learning to Listen: Empowering the Choral Ensemble & the Individual5-Nov2:00 PMSessionBenton CCBecky MarshChoral: MS/HS1.0
Smartboard Stuff You WILL USE!5-Nov2:00 PMClinicMarriottDr. Donald MorrisElementary1.0
ASTA New Music Reading Workshop5-Nov2:00 PMSessionUNCSA, Watson Music BuildingScott LairdOrchestra2.0
Cloudy With A Chance Of Feedback5-Nov2:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesFelicia DavisTechnology1.0
Choral Music Now Available in SMARTMUSIC!5-Nov2:00 PMClinicEmbassy SuitesLeigh KallestadTechnology1.0
Mentor Section Break Outs5-Nov2:30 PMSessionHawthorne Inn Mentoring1.0
Taka...what?! Takadimi in the Choral Classroom5-Nov3:00 PMSessionBenton CCBecky MarshChoral: MS/HS1.0
Ukulele Level-Up: Skills for Teachers Become Skills for Students (bring your Ukulele)5-Nov3:00 PMClinicMarriottSandra TeglasGeneral Music1.5
Google Forms - Making Your Job Easier!5-Nov3:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesFelicia DavisTechnology1.0
Reflective Practice: Plan/Coach, Teach/Observe, Reflect/Feedback. Repeat (Mentees)5-Nov4:00 PMSessionHawthorne InnDarrin ThorntonMentoring1.0
Reflective Practice: Plan/Coach, Teach/Observe, Reflect/Feedback. Repeat (Mentors)5-Nov4:00 PMSessionHawthorne InnCynthia WagonerMentoring1.0
NC-ASTA Business Meeting5-Nov4:00 PMMeetingUNCSA, Watson Music BuildingWilliam SlechtaOrchestra
Building Literacy and Musicianship Skills: Rhythm5-Nov4:30 PMSessionBenton CCCarol KruegerChoral: MS/HS1.0
Building Literacy and Musicianship Skills: Rhythm5-Nov4:30 PMSessionBenton CCCarol KruegerElementary1.5
Wrap it Up5-Nov5:00 PMSessionHawthorne InnDarrin ThorntonMentoring0.5
Technology Meets IRON CHEF5-Nov5:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesTechnology Board Technology1.0
Building Literacy and Musicianship Skills: Tonal5-Nov5:30 PMSessionBenton CCCarol KruegerChoral: MS/HS1.0
Building Literacy and Musicianship Skills: Tonal5-Nov5:30 PMSessionBenton CCCarol KruegerElementary1.5
HS Honors Chorus Rehearsal5-Nov6:45 PMRehearsal: OpenEmbassy SuitesZ. Randall StroopeChoral: HS1.0
NCBA Executive Board Meeting5-Nov7:00 PMMeetingMarriottAlice AldredgeBand
Popular Music: Picking, Preparing, and Performing!5-Nov7:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesElaine SmithChoral: HS1.0
MS Honors Chorus Rehearsal5-Nov7:00 PMRehearsal: OpenCentenary UMCRollo DilworthChoral: MS1.0
Honors Orchestra Rehearsal5-Nov7:00 PMRehearsal: OpenStevens CenterLaura JacksonOrchestra1.0
Achieving an Artistic Vibrato in the String Class5-Nov7:00 PMSessionStevens CenterRebecca MacLeodOrchestra1.0
How to Organize a Successful All-County Chorus5-Nov8:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesDrew HowardChoral: MS/HS1.0
MS Honors Chorus Rehearsal5-Nov9:00 PMRehearsal: OpenCentenary UMCRollo DilworthChoral: MS1.0
Elementary Honors Chorus Rehearsal6-Nov7:45 AMRehearsal: OpenStevens CenterHenry LeckElementary1.0
HS Honors Chorus Rehearsal6-Nov8:00 AMRehearsal: OpenEmbassy SuitesZ. Randall StroopeChoral: HS1.0
MS Honors Chorus Rehearsal6-Nov8:15 AMRehearsal: OpenBenton CCRollo DilworthChoral: MS1.0
Morehead City Middle School Band6-Nov9:00 AMRehearsal: OpenBenton CCJason BarcliftBand1.0
MS Honors Chorus Dress Rehearsal 6-Nov9:00 AMRehearsal: OpenStevens CenterRollo DilworthChoral: MS1.0
#beBrave in Your Community with Service Learning Concerts6-Nov9:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesAmy McComasChoral: MS/HS1.0
Get a Job! How to Have a Successful Interview6-Nov9:00 AMSessionHawthorne InnKevin RichardsonCollegiate1.0
THIS IS THE DAY! New 2-Part Choral Repertoire6-Nov9:00 AMClinicMarriottAndy BeckElementary1.0
Elementary Honors Chorus Rehearsal 6-Nov9:00 AMRehearsal: OpenMarriottHenry LeckElementary1.0
Conference Registration6-Nov9:00 AMRegistrationEmbassy Suites NCMEA
Honors Orchestra Rehearsal6-Nov9:00 AMRehearsal: OpenUNCSA, Watson Music BuildingLaura JacksonOrchestra1.0
Video for the Music Classroom6-Nov9:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesAmy KooTechnology1.0
Assessing with Google Classroom6-Nov9:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesBarbara VinalTechnology1.0
ASBDA Fall Meeting6-Nov9:30 AMMeetingEmbassy SuitesBill WitcherBand
Cane Creek Middle School Band 6-Nov10:00 AMRehearsal: OpenBenton CCClif DodsonBand1.0
MS Honors Chorus Rehearsal6-Nov10:00 AMRehearsal: OpenEmbassy SuitesRollo DilworthChoral: MS1.0
The First Ten Minutes: Re-Imagining the Role of Warm-Up Activities in the Choral Rehearsal6-Nov10:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesAlyssa CosseyChoral: MS/HS1.0
Issues of Gender and Sexual Orientation in the Music Classroom6-Nov10:00 AMSessionHawthorne InnRaychl SmithCollegiate1.0
Working the Stations6-Nov10:00 AMSessionMarriottTracy KingElementary1.5
Asheville Middle School Jazz Band6-Nov10:00 AMRehersal: OpenBenton CCKevin YoungJazz1.0
Exhibit Hall Opens6-Nov10:00 AMExhibitsBenton CC NCMEA
Using Thinglink for Lessons and Sub Plans6-Nov10:00 AMTech PodEmbassy SuitesFelicia DavisTechnology1.0
Music History Can Be Elementary6-Nov10:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesBuck ScogginsTechnology1.0
HS Honors Chorus Rehearsal6-Nov10:15 AMRehearsal: OpenStevens CenterZ. Randall StroopeChoral: HS1.0
Mentor Meeting6-Nov10:30 AMClinicHawthorne InnMs. Lisa QuallsYPS1.0
Teaching in a Rural Band Program: Tips for Success!6-Nov11:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesTimothy HeathBand1.0
HS Choral MPA Sight Chair Meeting6-Nov11:00 AMMeetingEmbassy SuitesMichelle SullivanChoral: HS
Gospel Music Pedagogies for Choral Directors II6-Nov11:00 AMSessionMarriottDr. Jason ThompsonChoral: MS/HS1.0
I've Got My Keys...Now What? Survival Strategies for First-year and Novice Teachers.6-Nov11:00 AMSessionHawthorne InnJeffrey MillerCollegiate1.0
Asheville Middle School Jazz Band6-Nov11:00 AMConcertBenton CCKevin YoungJazz1.0
Gospel Music Pedagogies for Choral Directors II6-Nov11:00 AMSessionMarriottDr. Jason ThompsonMultiCultural1.0
Cane Creek Middle School Band6-Nov12:00 PMConcertBenton CCClif DodsonBand1.0
Elementary Honors Chorus Concert6-Nov12:00 PMConcertStevens CenterHenry LeckElementary1.0
Digital Literacy in the Jazz Classroom: Learn How to Use Online Presentation Tools for Literacy in Your Jazz Classroom6-Nov12:00 PMSessionBenton CCMatt CochranJazz1.0
Where's All My Stuff? 24/7 Cloud-Based Asset Management.6-Nov12:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesJustin MircheTechnology1.0
NCBA Fall General Meeting6-Nov1:00 PMMeetingBenton CCAlice AldredgeBand
MS Honors Chorus Final Rehearsal6-Nov1:00 PMRehearsal: OpenEmbassy SuitesRollo DilworthChoral: MS1.0
Who Gets to Play?: Exploring an Ethic of Hospitality in Music Education6-Nov1:00 PMSessionMarriottBrian M. SullivanResearch1.0
Cool Tools for Music Teachers6-Nov1:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesFelicia DavisTechnology1.0
Use SmartMusic Gradebook for North Carolinaís Standard 66-Nov1:00 PMClinicEmbassy SuitesLeigh KallestadTechnology1.0
MS Honors Chorus Concert6-Nov1:30 PMConcertStevens CenterRollo DilworthChoral: MS1.0
Introduction to the NCMEA Conference6-Nov1:30 PMClinicHawthorne InnMr. Joseph GirgentiYPS1.0
HS Honors Chorus Rehearsal6-Nov1:45 PMRehearsal: OpenEmbassy SuitesZ. Randall StroopeChoral: HS1.0
Not Just a Stepping Stone: Turn Your Rural Music Program Into a Diamond in the Rough6-Nov2:00 PMClinicHawthorne InnMelody CausbyCollegiate1.0
Ukulele in the General Music Classroom6-Nov2:00 PMClinicEmbassy SuitesMatthew AblanElementary1.0
COMPOSERS ALL AROUND! Introducing the Masters to Kids6-Nov2:00 PMClinicMarriottAndy BeckElementary1.0
Integrating Multicultural Music Into The Elementary Classroom6-Nov2:00 PMSessionMarriottKellee ChurchElementary1.0
Creative Movement for ALL6-Nov2:00 PMClinicHawthorne InnAlice HammelExceptional Children1.0
Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble w/Jeff Coffin6-Nov2:00 PMRehearsal: OpenBenton CCDr. Greg GelbJazz1.0
Integrating Multicultural Music Into The Elementary Classroom6-Nov2:00 PMSessionMarriottKellee ChurchMultiCultural1.0
NCMEA Orchestra Section Meeting6-Nov2:00 PMMeetingEmbassy SuitesMargot HollomanOrchestra
Research Roundtable6-Nov2:00 PMSessionMarriottJennifer S. WalterResearch1.0
Implementing Technology in the ECU Online Music Education Masterís Program6-Nov2:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesMichelle HairstonTechnology1.0
Band of Excellence: The Legacy of J.C. and the Rocky Mount Senior High Band: A View From the Inside.6-Nov3:00 PMSessionBenton CCScott CarterBand1.0
HS Honors Chorus Concert6-Nov3:00 PMConcertStevens CenterZ. Randall StroopeChoral: HS1.0
You are Enough: Finding Your Voice as a Teacher6-Nov3:00 PMSessionHawthorne InnMorgan SojaCollegiate1.0
Vocal Techniques for the Young Singer6-Nov3:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesHenry LeckElementary1.0
Assessing Students who Learn Differently6-Nov3:00 PMClinicHawthorne InnAlice HammelExceptional Children1.5
Saxophone, Jazz & Music in General6-Nov3:00 PMClinicBenton CCJeff CoffinJazz1.0
Walking the Talk: Culturally Responsive Teaching in Music Education6-Nov3:00 PMSessionMarriottCynthia WagonerMultiCultural1.0
A Teacherís Guide to the NAfME Model Cornerstone Assessments: What? Why? and How?6-Nov3:00 PMSessionMarriottDaniel JohnsonTeacher Education1.0
Google Classrooms for Beginners6-Nov3:00 PMTech PodEmbassy SuitesAmy KooTechnology1.0
I Have One Computer in My Classroom. How am I Supposed to Show Technology?6-Nov3:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesHowell "Howie" LedfordTechnology1.0
When Good Isn't Good Enough6-Nov4:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesSusana LalamaBand1.0
Developing Part-Independent Singers6-Nov4:00 PMSessionMarriottCarol KruegerChoral: MS1.0
Developing Part-Independent Singers6-Nov4:00 PMSessionMarriottCarol KruegerChoral: MS/HS1.0
Developing Part-Independent Singers6-Nov4:00 PMSessionMarriottCarol KruegerElementary1.0
Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble w/Jeff Coffin6-Nov4:00 PMConcertBenton CCDr. Greg GelbJazz1.0
Creating SMART Notebook Lessons6-Nov4:00 PMTech PodEmbassy SuitesAmy KooTechnology1.0
Using Social Media to Develop your Personal Learning Network (PLN)6-Nov4:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesBarbara VinalTechnology1.0
Honors Orchestra Concert6-Nov4:30 PMConcertStevens CenterLaura JacksonOrchestra1.0
Morehead City Middle School Band6-Nov5:00 PMConcertBenton CCJason BarcliftBand1.0
Rhythm & Song - Education through Traditional Song and Dance6-Nov5:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesKyle JohnstonElementary1.5
A Designer's Guide to Learning Management Systems6-Nov5:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesJustin BarrettTechnology1.0
Organize Your Digital Life with Symbaloo6-Nov5:00 PMTech PodEmbassy SuitesFelicia DavisTechnology1.0
JH Rose High School Wind Ensemble6-Nov6:00 PMRehearsal: OpenBenton CCRussell KnightBand1.0
NCBA Honors Committee Meeting6-Nov6:00 PMMeetingEmbassy SuitesMichael WilsonBand
Information for the New High School Choral Director6-Nov6:00 PMSessionMarriottRichard ButlerChoral: HS1.0
Exhibit Hall Closes6-Nov6:00 PMExhibitsBenton CC NCMEA
District President's Meeting6-Nov6:00 PMMeetingMarriott NCMEA
UNCW Alumni Receptions6-Nov6:00 PMMealMarriott NCMEA
ECU School of Music Alumni Reception6-Nov6:00 PMReceptionEmbassy Suites NCMEA
Panther Creek High School Wind Ensemble6-Nov6:30 PMRehearsal: OpenStevens CenterDavid RobinsonBand1.0
Music Camp!!!6-Nov6:30 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesVarious Speakers Various SpeakersElementary1.5
NC - ASTA Annual Social Hour6-Nov6:30 PMReceptionOff-SiteWilliam SlechtaOrchestra
Dinner and Evening Session6-Nov6:30 PMMeeting with MealHawthorne InnDr. Jane McKinneyYPS
Practical Medicine for Pitch Irregularity6-Nov7:00 PMSessionMarriottZ. Randall StroopeChoral: HS1.0
Panther Creek High School Wind Ensemble6-Nov8:00 PMConcertStevens CenterDavid RobinsonBand1.0
Something for Everyone6-Nov8:00 PMClinicEmbassy SuitesDenise EatonChoral: MS/HS1.0
Jazz in GRAZE6-Nov9:00 PMPerformanceMarriottRon RudkinJazz
Befriending Bieber and Beyonce to Promote Scalar Practicing7-Nov8:00 AMClinicEmbassy SuitesErika BoysenBand1.0
Carolina Wind Orchestra7-Nov8:00 AMRehearsal: OpenStevens CenterDr. Lorrie CrochetBand1.0
Wander the World with Vocal Warm-Ups!7-Nov8:00 AMClinicEmbassy SuitesLynn BrinckmeyerChoral: MS/HS1.0
Conference Registration7-Nov8:00 AMRegistrationEmbassy Suites NCMEA
Using Blendspace for Lessons and Sub Plans7-Nov8:00 AMTech PodEmbassy SuitesFelicia DavisTechnology1.0
FINALE 101: Learn the Essentials to Get You Going7-Nov8:00 AMClinicEmbassy SuitesLeigh KallestadTechnology1.0
Carolina Wind Orchestra7-Nov9:00 AMConcertStevens CenterDr. Lorrie CrochetBand1.0
Duke Vocal Health: Making Your Voice Last A Lifetime7-Nov9:00 AMClinicMarriottLeda ScearceChoral: MS/HS1.5
Autism and Music: Socialization, Cognition, and Communication7-Nov9:00 AMClinicHawthorne InnAlice HammelCollegiate1.5
Duke Vocal Health: Making Your Voice Last A Lifetime7-Nov9:00 AMClinicMarriottLeda ScearceElementary1.5
Autism and Music: Socialization, Cognition, and Communication7-Nov9:00 AMClinicHawthorne InnAlice HammelExceptional Children1.5
Higher Education Board Meeting with Breakfast7-Nov9:00 AMMeeting w/MealEmbassy SuitesGloria KnightHigher Education
Exhibit Hall7-Nov9:00 AMExhibitsBenton CC NCMEA
Telling Stories: The Interdisciplinary Orchestra7-Nov9:00 AMClinicEmbassy SuitesAndrew DabczynskiOrchestra1.0
Copyright and Wrong!7-Nov9:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesBuck ScogginsTechnology1.0
Choral Conducting 1017-Nov9:00 AMClinicHawthorne InnDr. Robert HolquistYPS1.0
Instrumental Conducting 1017-Nov9:00 AMClinicHawthorne InnDr. Jay JuchniewiczYPS1.0
Oh, And Youíll Also Be Teaching One Class of Choir7-Nov10:00 AMClinicEmbassy SuitesSteve HopkinsBand1.0
Oh, And Youíll Also Be Teaching One Class of Choir7-Nov10:00 AMClinicEmbassy SuitesSteve HopkinsCollegiate1.0
Teaching General Music Creatively7-Nov10:00 AMSessionMarriottDaniel JohnsonGeneral Music1.5
The Messy Business of Inclusive Music Education Research: Getting Going and Staying Sane7-Nov10:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesJudith JellisonHigher Education1.0
Demystifying the Jazz Combo: A Band Director's Toolbox7-Nov10:00 AMClinicBenton CCTaylor SavageJazz1.0
You've Been Flipped7-Nov10:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesJanice SwoopeOrchestra1.0
Teaching in Kahoot(s) With Our Students7-Nov10:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesJennifer SnodgrassTechnology1.0
Western Carolina University Wind Ensemble7-Nov10:10 AMRehearsal: OpenStevens CenterDr. Margie UnderwoodBand1.0
High School Choral Business Meeting7-Nov10:30 AMMeetingBenton CCEdward YasickChoral: HS
Master Class with Honors Chorus Clinician7-Nov10:30 AMClinicFirst Baptist ChurchRollo DilworthChoral: MS1.0
Introduction to Elementary Music7-Nov10:30 AMClinicHawthorne InnDr. Constance McKoyYPS1.0
Why Can't They Sit Still and Listen?! ADHD in the Music Classroom7-Nov11:00 AMClinicHawthorne InnAlice HammelCollegiate1.5
Ostinati, Descants, and Other Musical Marvels7-Nov11:00 AMSessionMarriottRoger SamsElementary1.5
Why Can't They Sit Still and Listen?! ADHD in the Music Classroom7-Nov11:00 AMClinicHawthorne InnAlice HammelExceptional Children1.5
Marketin and Self-Promotion for the Independent Professional Musician7-Nov11:00 AMClinicBenton CCWally WestJazz1.0
Double Your Success!7-Nov11:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesGail BarnesOrchestra1.0
Student Work Portfolios using SeeSaw- The Learning Journal7-Nov11:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesFelicia DavisTechnology1.0
First Steps to Incorporating Technology into Your Music Classroom- Beginner, Elementary7-Nov11:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesAmy KooTechnology1.0
Western Carolina University Wind Ensemble7-Nov11:10 AMConcertStevens CenterDr. Margie UnderwoodBand1.0
MPA Sightsinging Deconstructed II7-Nov11:30 AMSessionBenton CCBethany JenningsChoral: HS1.0
Instrumental Music Education As Social Text, Some Ideas To Help7-Nov12:00 PMClinicEmbassy SuitesRonnie WootenBand1.0
MS Choral General Meeting7-Nov12:00 PMMeetingFirst Baptist ChurchStephanie PeoChoral: MS
ACDA Luncheon-Ticketed Event7-Nov12:00 PMMeeting with MealCentenary UMC Choral: MS/HS
Jazz Rehearsal Game Plan7-Nov12:00 PMClinicBenton CCDean SorensonJazz1.0
Hands On Cello Boot Camp7-Nov12:00 PMClinicEmbassy SuitesMira FrischOrchestra1.0
Our Favorite Technology Lessons7-Nov12:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesTechnology Board Technology1.0
Meet Your Elementary Board Members7-Nov12:30 PMSessionMarriottJazzmone SuttonElementary1.0
Stuart Cramer High School Choir7-Nov12:45 PMRehearsal: ClosedStevens CenterBethany JenningsChoral: HS
Building Better SUPERIOR Bands7-Nov1:00 PMClinicEmbassy SuitesRichard MilesBand1.0
MS Choral New Teacher Luncheon7-Nov1:00 PMMeeting w/ MealMarriottKasie BrooksChoral: MS
Incorporating Contemporary A Cappella Singing Into Your Existing Choral Program7-Nov1:00 PMSessionFirst Baptist ChurchValerie DavidsonChoral: MS/HS1.0
Elementary Business Meeting7-Nov1:00 PMMeetingMarriottJazzmone SuttonElementary
White Oak High School Jazz Band7-Nov1:00 PMRehearsal: OpenBenton CCPerry DitchJazz1.0
My School just got Chromebooks... What can I do with it?7-Nov1:00 PMTech PodEmbassy SuitesBuck ScogginsTechnology1.0
T. C. Roberson Advanced Ensemble7-Nov1:15 PMRehearsal: ClosedStevens CenterAleisa BakerChoral: HS
Putting It All Together7-Nov1:30 PMSessionMarriottJeannine DuMondElementary1.0
Northwest School of the Arts Chamber Choir7-Nov1:45 PMRehearsal: ClosedStevens CenterStephanie MadsenChoral: HS
The Art of Pacing: In Preparation, Rehearsal, and Performance7-Nov2:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesKaren FanninBand1.0
JH Rose High School Wind Ensemble7-Nov2:00 PMRehearsal: OpenBenton CCRussell KnightBand1.0
Preparing Your Choir for MPA Performing and Sightreading7-Nov2:00 PMSessionFirst Baptist ChurchSusan TownsendChoral: MS1.0
White Oak High School Jazz Band7-Nov2:00 PMConcertBenton CCPerry DitchJazz1.0
Old Time in the Classroom7-Nov2:00 PMConcert SessionEmbassy SuitesRyan MackOrchestra1.0
Not Enough Time, Too Much Stuff: Essentials About Inclusion7-Nov2:00 PMSessionMarriottJudith JellisonTeacher Education1.0
Exploring the New SMARTMUSIC7-Nov2:00 PMClinicEmbassy SuitesLeigh KallestadTechnology1.0
A Digital Sub Tub for Substitutes7-Nov2:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesAmy McComasTechnology1.0
Stuart Cramer High School Choir7-Nov2:30 PMConcertStevens CenterBethany JenningsChoral: HS1.0
Write-On! Tips for Incorporating Writing in Music Class in 15 Minutes or Less7-Nov2:30 PMClinicMarriottTracy KingElementary1.5
JH Rose High School Wind Ensemble7-Nov3:00 PMConcertBenton CCRussell KnightBand1.0
T. C. Roberson Advanced Ensemble7-Nov3:00 PMConcertStevens CenterAleisa BakerChoral: HS1.0
ABC, 123, MLT: Music Learning Theory in the Choral Classroom7-Nov3:00 PMSessionFirst Baptist ChurchStuart HillChoral: MS1.0
The Musical Big Band Drummer7-Nov3:00 PMClinicBenton CCMike D'AngeloJazz1.0
App-solutely: Using Personal Technology to Make Rehearsal More Efficient, Effective, and Enjoyable7-Nov3:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesDonald WalterOrchestra1.0
Social Media, Live Streaming, and Recruitment7-Nov3:00 PMClinicEmbassy SuitesHowell "Howie" LedfordTechnology1.0
My School has iPads... What can I do?7-Nov3:00 PMTech PodEmbassy SuitesBuck ScogginsTechnology1.0
Northwest School of the Arts Chamber Choir7-Nov3:30 PMConcertStevens CenterStephanie MadsenChoral: HS1.0
You Can't Spell Design Withoug "I"7-Nov4:00 PMClinicEmbassy SuitesDavid StarnesBand1.0
Working with Women's Choruses7-Nov4:00 PMSessionMarriottKerry GlannChoral: HS1.0
East Wilkes Middle 7th - 8th Grade Chorus7-Nov4:00 PMConcertFirst Baptist ChurchTeresa BeshearsChoral: MS1.0
Play Parties Plus!7-Nov4:00 PMSessionMarriottRoger SamsElementary1.0
Jazz Section General Meeting7-Nov4:00 PMMeetingBenton CCDavid WortmanJazz
Conducting Masterclass7-Nov4:00 PMClinicEmbassy SuitesLaura JacksonOrchestra1.0
Research Posters7-Nov4:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesJennifer S. WalterResearch1.0
Blogging in the Music Classroom7-Nov4:00 PMSessionEmbassy SuitesJennifer StarkeyTechnology1.0
Ashley High School Wind Ensemble7-Nov4:30 PMRehearsal: OpenBenton CCRobert ParkerBand1.0
Providence Day School Middle School Chorus7-Nov4:30 PMConcertFirst Baptist ChurchLibby TilsonChoral: MS1.0
Tips for Quick & Easy Instrument Repair (woodwinds)7-Nov5:00 PMClinicEmbassy SuitesJohn BlytheBand1.0
FORGET NOT MY HEART: A Reading Session for Womenís Choirs7-Nov5:00 PMSessionMarriottAndy BeckChoral: HS1.0
Collegiate Business Meeting7-Nov5:00 PMMeetingEmbassy SuitesJaQuan WileyCollegiate
WCU School of Music Reception7-Nov5:00 PMReceptionOff-Site NCMEA
Improvisation7-Nov5:00 PMClinicEmbassy SuitesJoli BrooksOrchestra1.0
Tips for Quick & Easy Instrument Repair (woodwinds)7-Nov5:00 PMClinicEmbassy SuitesJohn BlytheTeacher Education1.0
You Have the Newest FinaleÖ But Are You Using It Like Finale 2000?7-Nov5:00 PMClinicEmbassy SuitesLeigh KallestadTechnology1.0
Audio-visually! Your Questions answered7-Nov5:00 PMTech PodEmbassy SuitesBuck ScogginsTechnology1.0
African American and Latino Composers In Jazz7-Nov7:00 PMClinicStevens CenterDr. Ira WigginsJazz0.5
African American and Latino Composers In Jazz7-Nov7:00 PMClinicStevens CenterDr. Ira WigginsMultiCultural0.5
NC Central Jazz Band7-Nov7:30 PMConcertStevens CenterDr. Ira WigginsJazz1.0
NC Central Jazz Band7-Nov7:30 PMConcertStevens CenterDr. Ira WigginsMultiCultural1.0
UNC Charlotte Jazz Ensemble7-Nov8:30 PMConcertStevens CenterWill CampbellJazz1.0
The Drum Whisperers- Preparing your Percussion Sections for Success in Concert Band8-Nov8:00 AMClinic/SessionBenton CCAndrew BlairBand1.0
Tips for Quick & Easy Repairs (brasswinds)8-Nov8:00 AMClinicEmbassy SuitesJohn BlytheBand1.0
ASK ME TO SING: A Reading Session for Mixed Choirs8-Nov8:00 AMClinicBenton CCAndy BeckChoral: HS1.0
Tips for Quick & Easy Repairs (brasswinds)8-Nov8:00 AMClinicEmbassy SuitesJohn BlytheCollegiate1.0
Hand Drums, Rhythm Sticks and other Untuned Percussion8-Nov8:00 AMSessionMarriottRoger SamsElementary1.5
In the Eye of the Beholder - Picking Quality Music 8-Nov9:00 AMClinicBenton CCLarry ClarkBand1.0
Awareness of Non-verbal Cues Between the Performer and Audience: A Discussion Using the Documentary The Human Face8-Nov9:00 AMClinicMarriottMichael MartinChoral: HS1.0
MEET ME IN THE MIDDLE: Selecting Choral Music for Middle School Voices8-Nov9:00 AMClinicEmbassy SuitesAndy BeckChoral: MS1.0
ASW S-O-S!8-Nov9:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesNathan StreetGeneral Interest1.0
Northern Guilford High School Orchestra8-Nov9:00 AMConcertStevens CenterSandra RathboneOrchestra1.0
Is It Fun or Is It Functional?8-Nov9:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesJustin BarrettTechnology1.0
Effective Communication with Parents and Students Using Digital Tools8-Nov9:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesFelicia DavisTechnology1.0
Preparing for College Interviews8-Nov9:00 AMClinicHawthorne InnDr. Jay JuchniewiczYPS1.0
Preparing for College Auditions8-Nov9:00 AMClinicHawthorne InnDr. Dawn PriceYPS1.0
ASW-The Journey Continues!8-Nov9:30 AMSessionMarriottDee Yoder Janet BerryElementary1.5
Aim High with Low Brass8-Nov10:00 AMClinicBenton CCDaniel JohnsonBand1.0
Ashley High School Wind Ensemble8-Nov10:00 AMRehearsal: OpenBenton CCRobert ParkerBand1.0
JW Pepper Editor's Choice8-Nov10:00 AMSessionEmbassy Suites Choral: MS/HS1.0
Leading Change in Music Education8-Nov10:00 AMSession Embassy SuitesChristie Lynch-EbertGeneral Interest1.0
Ligon GT Magnet Middle School Orchestra8-Nov10:00 AMConcertStevens CenterRuth JohnsenOrchestra1.0
Ashley High School Wind Ensemble8-Nov11:00 AMConcertBenton CCRobert ParkerBand1.0
Choral Gems: Exploring Music and Techniques for Middle & High School Singers8-Nov11:00 AMSessionEmbassy SuitesMaribeth Yoder-WhiteChoral: MS/HS1.0
UNC Charlotte Chamber Orchestra8-Nov11:00 AMConcertStevens CenterJonathan GoviasOrchestra1.0
Putting It All Together8-Nov11:00 AMClinicHawthorne InnDr. Jane McKinneyYPS1.0
NCMEA Board Meeting8-Nov12:00 PMMeeting Embassy Suites NCMEA