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Performing Arts Aerosol Study Begins to Find Hope for
Future Music Activities Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

In May, the NFHS, CBDNA and a coalition of over 125 performing arts organizations commissioned a study on aerosol rates produced by activities in music, speech, debate and theatre. Over the last month, researchers at the University of Colorado-Boulder and the University of Maryland have been hard at work gathering preliminary results. NCMEA is a financial contributor to this study.

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Inclusive Vision for Music Education
Webinar Series
Saturday, October 17 at 11:00 AM

Culturally Responsive Teaching: What It Is and Why It’s Important In Music Education

Author and Presenter: Dr. Connie McKoy, Marion Stedman Covington Distinguished Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies at UNCG School of Music.

This session will provide an overview of four principles of culturally responsive teaching, and how music teachers can apply these principles effectively to make learning more meaningful for students.



Future IVfME Webinars

The NCMEA’s Inclusive Vision for Music Education (IVfME) Committee has planned a series of Webinars as a resource for music educators to implement diverse and inclusive curriculum.

  • The History of Hip-Hop and Its Place In the Music Education Classroom
    Speaker: Thomas Taylor | Date: December TBD 11:00 AM
  • Gospel Pedagogy and Its Use In the Music Classroom
    Speaker: Dr. Jason Thompson | February 20 11:00 AM
  • Evolution of Contemporary Gospel Drumming
    Speaker: Dr. Lamon Lawhorn | April 3 11:00 AM

The webinar series is sponsored in part with a grant from the CMA Foundation.