Instructor of Choral Music and Drama

NC School of Science and Math
Morganton, NC
Based on experience
Posted On:
May 16, 2023


Position reports to the Chair of Fine Arts and is responsible for providing instruction in Choral Music and Theater Arts, producing at least one mainstage production each semester, and also providing instruction and mentoring to students in topics determined by instructor interest and expertise as well as student and community needs. This instructor will serve as artistic director of all campus vocal, choral and theatrical endeavors, select and rehearse level-appropriate works for performing groups, and direct groups as part of regular public performances as determined in NCSSM’s Fine Arts Series. The instructor will serve as the primary resource for students pursuing advancement in voice performance as well as theater techniques and performance. The instructor will maintain or establish contacts with community groups and promote collaborative artistic efforts that support or enrich the NCSSM drama program, cooperate and coordinate with other NCSSM Morganton Fine Arts faculty and local arts organizations, and support the overall drama curriculum by teaching assigned courses and developing curriculum for course offerings.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities / Competencies:
Successful teaching experience in a range of music or drama courses, including musical ensemble performance (classical and/or folk or contemporary) or theater production, preferably with advanced high school or undergraduate students. Strong piano and singing skills preferred. Strong working knowledge of music theory and harmony, piano or choral pedagogy, theater pedagogy, and well-developed skills in ensemble building and rehearsal strategy. Strong background and experience in theater and theater education: directing, producing, and coaching. Interest in outreach and commitment to the greater arts education community in North Carolina and beyond.

Since the NCSSM Arts discipline is committed to a broad approach to the study of music, drama and theater, applicants should have a wide-ranging knowledge of current trends in vocal music and theater as well as a firm experience with more traditional works, cultural and historical contexts, a passion for teaching and learning, and a love of ideas, combined with a commitment to serving as mentor and guide for students — both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. Applicants should be dedicated to continual growth as teachers, performers, and learners. Since all NCSSM faculty and staff are expected to support the intellectual, cultural, emotional, and social growth of students — responsibilities that transcend a traditional high school or college teaching schedule — applicants should bring to the work a keen commitment to participating actively in the multi-dimensional life of the NCSSM community.

Minimum Education and Experience:
Master’s degree in Music, Music Education, Theater Education or Theater Performance. Teaching experience, preferably with advanced high school or undergraduate students.

Successful teaching experience of a range of choral music and/or theater courses and productions, including musical solo and ensemble performance (classical and/or folk or contemporary), plays, musicals, and technical theater, preferably with advanced high school or undergraduate students. Strong collaborative piano skills and skills in vocal coaching. Strong skills in directing, producing, acting, and theater tech. Strong background in building ensemble and rehearsal strategy. Interest in outreach and commitment to the greater theater community in Morganton, North Carolina and beyond.

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