Grades 5-12 Assistant Band Director/Fine Arts Teacher

Asheville Christian Academy
Asheville NC
30,000.00 - 40,000.00
Posted On:
February 28, 2019


Asheville Christian Academy

Grades 5-12 Assistant Band Director/Fine Arts Teacher

Job summary: Instructional Faculty

Hired by: The Head of School

Responsible to: Director of Fine Arts

Evaluated: Annual written evaluation conducted by the Director of Fine Arts

Type of position: Yearly contracted position

General Description: This position will co-teach the 5th Grade, 6th Grade, Middle School and Upper School Band classes. In the younger classes as the primary director/teacher and as the assistant director in the upper ensembles.

In addition to band classes, this position may also teach additional Fine Arts classes based on individual skill-set and the needs of the program. These additional areas could be one of the following areas: sound/theatre tech, theatre set production, choral rehearsal accompanist, visual art teacher, graphic design, jazz band.

Target Faculty Profile

  • Demonstrates a clear understanding and commitment to ACA’s By-Laws (including Article II, the Statement of Faith), Mission, Core Values, Philosophy of Education.
  • Models Christian values. Routinely shares and models personal testimony while pursuing the best reputation for integrity, spiritual leadership, unity, ministry, and grace at school.
  • Academically credentialed. Well-qualified professional who inspires students to greatness with a passion for learning. Uses innovative and creative instructional methods.
  • Genuinely loves students. Appreciates their unique God-given gifts and learning styles, holds them accountable to high standards, and challenges them to think at deeper levels while being committed to meeting the instructional needs of all students.
  • Builds relationships of trust and consistency. Communicates effectively with students, parents, peers, and administrators.
  • Demonstrates a collaborative style of work, and a spirit of problem-solving, envisioning, and joy in service
  • Membership in a church that embraces the historic Protestant Christian faith


  • Minimum: Bachelor’s degree in Music Education
  • Primary instrument in the woodwinds, brass, or percussion families.

Instructional Responsibilities

  • Develop a program of band instruction that builds upon the lower school music curriculum.
  • Assist in planning, organizing, and executing middle and upper school music concerts in cooperation with the Fine Arts Director.
  • Model and develop good instrumental technique as appropriate for all ages.
  • Develop student knowledge of musical terminology, rhythm, theory, and notation.
  • Implement instructional techniques utilizing Orff methodology and recorders.
  • Work with Fine Arts team to develop the foundations of music education necessary for the development of an excellent instrumental music program in grades 6-12.
  • Additional Fine Arts teaching responsibilities based on individual skill-set and the needs of the program.

Organization/Vision/Leadership Responsibilities

  • Plan and execute a scope and sequence of instruction for beginning bands using daily, weekly, and unit lesson plans.
  • Work with the Fine Arts Director to plan and execute concerts, events and other Fine Arts activities.
  • Establish a classroom culture of musical learning across a wide variety of genres and cultural milieus.
  • Maintain a safe and orderly classroom. Manage the classroom in an appropriate, redemptive, and consistent manner.
  • Involve ACA students in musical arts activities in and out of school.
  • Through a variety of approaches and opportunities, instill a passion within students for making music.
  • Maintain and manage the band instrument inventory and the instrumental music library.
  • Create extra-curricular music opportunities.

Other Duties as Assigned

  • Other duties related to the Fine Arts program as given by the Fine Arts Director.


  • Work cheerfully and productively under the leadership of the Fine Arts Director and alongside other Lower, Middle, and Upper School or Fine Arts staff.
  • Exercise all necessary planning for the use of the facilities for choral and co-curricular arts events with the Campus Manager.

Benefits Package and Courtesies

  • Salary
  • Personal day
  • Sick days
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Partial Health Insurance
  • Retirement plan available after one year of service.


• Minimum: Bachelor’s degree in Music Education • Primary instrument in the woodwinds, brass, or percussion families.

How to Apply

Complete Faculty Application from and submit to Laura Benzing at [email protected] or 74 Riverwood Road, Swannanoa, NC 28778