Josh Cvijanovic


Josh Cvijanovic

School & School System Where You Work

Cedar Ridge High School, Orange County Schools

Number of Years Teaching


Teaching Area(s)

Concert/Marching/Jazz Band, IB Music

Years You’ve Been A Member of NCMEA


Your Position On the Board

Jazz Education Section Chair

Why Do You Enjoy Being A Board Member?

I enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with other music educators from across the state and work toward making tangible contributions to the students and teachers in North Carolina. It has given me quite a bit of insight into not only how I teach, but how I approach my entire program.

Tell Us An Interesting Or Fun Fact About Yourself

I am a proud self-proclaimed nerd, and I keep a collection of Funko Pop Figures in my office at CRHS. These include characters from Game of Thrones, The Avengers, Ghostbusters, The Walking Dead, The Good Place, Mr. Rodgers, and more. Last year, after we had to cancel our band trip to Disney World because of COVID-19, I was gifted a Conductor Mickey Mouse figure by some graduating seniors.