Bethany Jennings


Bethany Jennings

School & School System Where You Work

Stuart W Cramer High School ~ Gaston County Schools

Number of Years Teaching


Teaching Area(s)

Choral Music

Years You’ve Been A Member of NCMEA


Your Position On the Board

HS Choral Section Chair

Why Do You Enjoy Being A Board Member?

I enjoy serving in an organization that has provided for, guided, and ‘raised’ me professionally since I was an undergrad. Giving back by helping to maintain and elevate the numerous opportunities afforded to us as music educators through NCMEA has been an absolute honor and joy.

Tell Us An Interesting Or Fun Fact About Yourself

TAKADIMI is fire. Also, for many years now, I have experienced pretty severe performance anxiety when I have to sing solo, but I was recently gifted $2500 for singing a single song at a memorial service. It was affirming.