Audition Materials

Honors Chorus Audition Piece

The audition piece for this year will be:

Achieved Is The Glorious Work from “The Creation”
Joseph Haydn
JW Pepper #5255682

This year the chorus will be conducted by Dr. Rollo Dilworth of Temple University.  The Honors Chorus will take place on November 5th and 6th, in Winston-Salem. As in previous years, the concert will be held in the Stevens Center.

Students will also be asked to sight read a short melodic exercise.  They should be prepared to encounter the pitches Do to SOL or 1-5, depending on how you teach melodies, that are mostly stepwise or at the interval of a third.  They should also be ready to see rhythms made up of quarter, half, whole and eighth notes. 

These auditions are for the top 10% of your total enrollment.  Please make sure students are prepared for the audition.  
Students should dress professionally for auditions. 

*Click here for Audition Tracks*

Students will prepare and sing the entire selection.

To create a better audition flow all of WAKE County will be going to the CENTRAL site. If you have any specific questions about your audition site please contact the site chairs listed below.